Paul Mitchell Summer Essentials Review

As its name suggests, the Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo and Instant Moisture Daily Treatment are both formulated to revive hair with intense moisture, while at the same time protect and condition the hair. From


further research on the products, I have learnt that both products contain Panthenol; an additive specifically intended to penetrate deeply into the hair strand to repair and strengthen any damage that has been done to the hair cuticle. Additionally, Panthenol also helps to add volume and body to lifeless limp hair.


If my prior chemically treated tresses could talk, they would be rejoicing right now. I was really surprised with how hydrated my hair felt after just the shampoo. Usually after adding shampoo to my hair, my locks start to feel very dry and rough in texture. However, using the Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo brought life and hydration back into my locks, which was only enhanced by the Instant Moisture Daily Treatment (conditioner). For those who are experiencing the same hair dilemma, these two products are a definite must- have to help restore moisture and hydration back into ill-treated tresses. Now if that's not the cherry on top of an amazing product, then the fruity, fresh scent is guaranteed to captivate your senses. After all, no one can resist hair that smells good enough to eat.


Another product that has recently changed my entire hair care understanding would be the PM Super Skinny Serum. I like to think of the Super Skinny Serum as the Chuck Bass of the hair care world being sleek, shiny and smooth. The lightweight formula refrains from reducing volume from the hair, leaving the hair smooth and static free. Besides a smoother surface, the Super Skinny Serum also diminishes drying time, leaving more time for successful styling.


Finally I have found a product perfect for smoothing down my breakages, as we can all agree, a tuft of flyaway hairs has never been in fashion. I believe Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum provides the perfect foundation to styling hair, as it smooth's down unruly stray strands, leaving hair tame and coating hair with a brilliant shiny finish.


After trialing the entire summer essentials range, I'd like to express how impressed I am with the Paul Mitchell hair care. From the clarifying Shampoo Three to The Detangler rich in moisture conditioner, my hair is finally receiving the nutrition it has sorely missed. With versatility suited to many hair types, Paul Mitchell offers products that will replenish and transform hair into the healthiest version with maximum results.

For more information on the entire range visit the website and start your hair care regime in time for the arrival of summer.