The real reason Instagram banned female nipples

When it comes to violating the rules of Instagram, posting a photo of a female nipple is a big no-no! You are most likely to get your photo removed. Just ask Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, or Chelsea Handler along with all the other females who had their photos removed.


@mileycyrus in this months Paper magazine.

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The issue of male nipple versus female nipple has caused many users to rally against this double standard, bringing forth the #freethenipple hashtag! Advocates are Photoshopping male nipples onto female bodies and posting images where female nipples are covered with X’s, all to make a point.


#regram @vixenityrose #freethenipple #equality

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This has been going on for almost a year and finally, Instagram has responded! Business Insider reports that Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has finally explained one of the key reasons that the company censors pictures of female nipples! And it is not quite what you would have expected... Blame the iPhone is what Instagram has said! Apple’s App Store has strict guidelines on what kind of content is allowed and violating these rules could cause the app to be removed. In order to keep Instagram available for iPhones, it has to abide by the company's standards. Unless the app is specifically restricted for adults only, it can’t feature any nudity.

Despite the censorship, Instagram remains “committed to artistic freedom,” according to Systrom. He continued that “in order to scale effectively there are [some] tough calls.” For Instagram, banning #FreeTheNipple is one of these tough calls. Apple has not yet responded but we are interested to see how they receive the blame.

Words: Frances van Eeden

Dior embraces natural beauty at Paris Fashion Week

Natural beauty is on the rise! As it turns out, the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is the biggest beauty look of the season. Models strutting the Paris Fashion Week runway for Dior S/S 2016 collection sported pale faces, minimal eye shadow, bare lashes and just bitten glossy lips.

The natural beauty perfectly complimented the feminine but modern silhouettes seen on the runway, which was set among a meadow of violet flowers. Dior built the meadow-like mound outside the Louvre along with another installation covered in delphiniums inside from which the models emerged. Along with the natural makeup, low maintenance hairstyles are back. Dior’s models wore their hair in sleek, low ponytails with subtle side parts.

This is a beauty look we can totally rock in the summer heat!

Words: Frances van Eeden

Interview with YouTube's beauty queen Lauren Curtis


YouTube has become one of the biggest platforms for sharing beauty knowledge. Australia's top beauty vlogger (video blogger) Lauren Curtis, has a following of more than 3 million devoted subscribers and is renowned for her fabulous beauty tutorials that can transform you from drab to totally-fab in a matter of minutes! Read on as we chat to Curtis about her top beauty and style tips.

Hi Lauren, thank you for chatting to us today! Congratulations on being a part of the amazing YouTube Beacon Campaign. Can you tell us a bit about how you first became involved with creating YouTube videos?

LC: Thank you so much! It all started back in 2011... I was studying photography; something I was obsessed with at the time. My interest in makeup was growing and so I started watching YouTube videos in my spare time. I didn't have many hobbies back then so the idea of joining my love of photography and filming with my blossoming love of makeup seemed like a fun idea!

You have over three million followers looking towards you for beauty advice. Can you share your top beauty secret with us?

LC: That's a tough one! My favourite tip would probably be applying mascara in the opposite direction most people do - pulling your lashes towards your nose rather than your ears... [this] makes them appear longer, it almost fulfils the role of a lash curler without the risk of snipping your lashes off!


A photo posted by Lauren Curtis (@lozcurtis) on

With such a jam-packed schedule, what does a typical day in your life look like?

LC: Life has changed a bit since moving back to Perth from Sydney (where everything's go-go-go!) but a typical filming day would consist of the usuals; breakfast, shower, skincare routine and then I'll head to my filming room... [I] set up my camera and lighting, and start to film. I never really plan my videos out too much before I film because it usually changes so quickly! Once that's done I'll have a little break ... [then] it's time to edit! This is my least favourite part of the process as it's very tedious and time consuming; I've actually fallen asleep a few times whilst editing! I'll proceed by uploading the video to YouTube (usually for a few days in advance), and then I might watch a few trashy reality TV shows (don't judge!) to unwind... I'll head to the gym to do some weight training and a bit of cardio - this is another great way to unwind! I'll follow this with my usual night time shower and skincare routine, then cook dinner with my boyfriend, answer some more comments and emails, watch some TV then off to bed!

As the warmer months approach, is there is a new release product that you are super excited about for summer?

LC: I just got my hands on the Smashbox BB Water - it's meant to be a super light water-based BB cream with SPF, so it sounds perfect for summer!

You’ve only recently launched your website, LoveLoz, how has this changed the content you are creating?

LC: It's allowed me to post about non-beauty related topics, which has been really great. Talking about makeup and beauty is fun, but it's nice to switch it up now and then.


We love your fashion style! What is your must-have wardrobe item to complete an outfit?

LC: Thank you! A leather/pleather jacket for sure. It can be worn casually with ripped jeans or it can take a LBD to the next level by adding a bit of edge.


A photo posted by Lauren Curtis (@lozcurtis) on

What is the one item that you think all women should have in their makeup bag to easily take their look from day to night?

LC: Red lipstick! It can transform a look in seconds. Usually red lips look best with understated eyes, which is generally a 'day' look for most people.

You have just recently been a part of a massive campaign with YouTube, what is the next big thing to come for you?

LC: I've got something super exciting in the works but unfortunately I can't talk about it just yet. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled!

Keeping our eyes peeled is what we will be doing for sure, we can't wait to see what is next for this beauty maven!

Words: Frances van Eeden

How to take the perfect sexy selfie minus the duck face

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Attempting to take the perfect selfie can be such a time waster. After you've tried to snap at least 50 different angles and find the right backdrop and lighting, you finally end up choosing the one that best shows off your features.

And if you're anything like us, you would agree that the famous duck face has quickly become exhausted. But that is why there's a new face in town and it's also named after an animal.

tumblr nup7k80E8C1swp8zqo1 400

That's right ladies, the duck face is no longer a thing, the new look is now the fish gape. Best seen on the red carpets and on famous Instagram feeds worldwide, our favourite celebrities have conquered this look to be picture perfect and flawless at all times.


So what are they actually doing here? Well, The Daily Mail have pointed out that they are sucking in their cheeks while keeping their lips slightly parted which results in the fish gape.

It's seriously fierce and so damn sexy. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid have owned the look like no other. So, excuse us while we go and take another 50 selfies to work this fish gape like a pro before the next trend pops up.

Kendall Jenner and Estée Lauder poke fun at smartphone addictions


The Kardasian-Jenner sisters are renowned for their #selfie skills, but in her latest campaign for Estée Lauder, Kendall Jenner is all about putting aside the smartphones and partying old school style!

Kendall Jenner’s latest adventure takes her to a dull party scene where everyone is almost robotically glued to their phones. Simultaneously everyone’s phone dies and... shock horror they have to mingle!

The film is a campaign for Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Makeup To Go, the iconic foundation formula in a portable spill-proof compact, which is clearly all you need to give you the confidence to mingle... well, that and a dead phone battery.

The campaign gives us total Scream Queen vibes and we rate it!

Words: Frances van Eeden

Gigi Hadid defends her body and career on Instagram

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Good on you Gigi Hadid for standing up for yourself. I don't know about you, but why do people have to be so harsh?

The gorgeous, international model took a stand on Instagram and told those body shamers that she 'is not going anywhere.'

You go girl! We're just surprised that those internet trolls can be so outspoken and rude. She is stunning and we know the industry thinks so too.

Regardless, Hadid gave the whole criticism thing a thought and responded to the haters with this message.


A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

She wrapped up the post on a positive note. "I hope everyone gets to a place in their life where they'd rather talk about things that inspire them over things that bring them down."

With over 12,031 comments and 250k likes in less than 24 hours, the conversation is definitely in the spotlight.

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5 Beauty apps that will make your life easier


As we all lead increasingly busier lifestyles and have less time on our hands, beauty companies are incorporating digital technology into their services. This technology is merging convenience and connectivity. It is transforming the way we interact with beauty products and services.

Technology has become intertwined with our beauty routines to bring a level of personalisation. Mobile apps are changing the way we interact with beauty products and services on a day-to-day basis. In the click of a button, anyone can virtually 'try on' cosmetics with their smartphone or erase that dark spot on our selfies. We have collated five fbeauty apps that are guaranteed to make your life (well at least the beauty aspect) much easier. Plus they are all free!

Makeup Genius


Created by French beauty brand L’Oreal Paris, the Makeup Genius app has revolutionised the way consumers research makeup looks. This app allows users to virtually apply makeup and yes, it works! Your smartphone camera acts as a mirror and ‘applies’ makeup over your lips, eyes and skin. Not sure whether that deep plum L’Oreal lipstick will suit your features? Now you can try it on!

TryItOn Makeup


Similar to the first app, the TryItOn Makeup app allows users to virtually try on makeup. This app, however, contains makeup looks from nine popular beauty brands. The app claims to be so smart that it can analyse your skin pigments to accurately display what shade of foundation will suit you best. We’d say it is best to do this in natural lighting for the most accurate shade match. Finally, no more wasting money on products only to find out they don’t suit your complexion.

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips


The Beautylish app is an online beauty community where users can find product reviews, recommendations and tips from other app users. The app even hosts video makeup tutorials! Once you are convinced of your purchase, you can even shop the Beautylish site within the app. The home for all your beauty needs!

Perfect365: One Tap Makeover


Perfect 365 is a photo editing app that allows users to remove blemishes, erase under-eye circles, brighten skin, and whiten teeth plus so much more! Use this app to get your makeup selfies on fleek!

Beauty Product Reviews by


With more than 280’000 consumer reviews on up to 70’000 beauty products, this app is your go-to for seeing what products other beauty-lovers rate or hate. The only way to avoid buyers regret is to research all the product features and find honest reviews!

Technology is leading the way in the beauty industry and has us wondering... what's next?

Intro image source

Words: Frances van Eeden

Review: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Trio


Summer is a great time, right? Summer brings longer days and fun times spent at the beach. Summer ALSO means hot weather... and humidity. Where are my frizzy-haired girls at? I know you feel my pain when it comes to humidity and unruly hair, which is why I was really excited to test out the Paul Mitchell smoothing range.

The smoothing trio that I tried consists of the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Shampoo $23.90, Super Skinny Daily Treatment $24.90 and the Super Skinny Serum $27.95. This range is created to smooth, soften and protect the hair. The Daily Treatment contains heat activated conditioners and thermal protectants, making it the ideal product if you are frequently using heat tools. The serum also contains a unique humidity resistant resin to smooth the hair.


What I love:

The first thing I love about these products is the smell; the shampoo smells like a field of crisp green apples – mmm!

The conditioner works really well to hydrate and smooth your strands. Hot tip: Remember to always apply conditioner from the mid-length of your hair and avoid your scalp so as not to weigh your hair down.

My favourite product from this trio is without a doubt the hair serum. I apply this product after blow-drying my hair to seal the ends and smooth flyaway’s. It is not at all heavy, which means it provides smoothing properties without making your hair look oily or weighed-down.

What I don’t love:

Sadly, I found shampoo is not quite suited to my hair. As much as my split ends need smoothing, my scalp needs a thorough cleanse. Although I always make sure to double cleanse with shampoo, I feel like this product does not clean my hair properly. Right after blow-drying my hair it looked oily again, with no bounce or volume at the roots.

Overall, I think the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny range is great! However if you tend to get oily at the roots, give the shampoo a miss. The Daily Treatment and Super Skinny Serum are definitely worth a try. I totally believe in mixing products from various ranges to best suit your hair. Try a clarifying shampoo to deep cleanse your scalp, combined with the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment to smooth through the length of your hair.

Words: Frances van Eeden

Why Isn’t Kim Kardashian Smiling Anymore?


Followers of all things Kardashian have noticed a change in photos posted by the selfie-obsessed celebrity. Kim’s cheerful smile is nowhere to be seen. Instead, she is keeping her pearly whites hidden behind pursed lips. Costhetics what’s to know; what’s up with that? Bad oral hygiene? Wine-stained teeth?

The reason Kim has gone from grin to grim, it turns out, isn’t dental, it’s mental.

Kardashian explains that she once loved having her picture taken and her exuberant smile was a natural reflection of the fun she was having. When celebrity watchers and online haters began to mock her figure when she became pregnant, Kardashian found she didn’t have much to smile about. In an August interview published in C Magazine.

“I just didn’t feel like being that girl who was going to be smiling for every photo. It changed my mood; it changed who I was; it changed my personality a lot.” – Kim Kardashian

The experience permanently altered Kim’s perspective on her relationship with the media:

“After I had the baby, I was like, these are the same people that made fun of me, and posted the stories that were so awful, calling me fat for something I couldn’t control. I don’t want to smile for them.”

She’s Got a Big Bottom, But Thin Skin
Kardashian is no stranger to body shaming. She’s been scrutinised and criticised for her love affair with plastic surgery, particularly with regard to butt enhancement. However, after the birth of her first baby with husband Kanye West, Kim was widely criticised for her fashion choices, as well as her weight.

At that time, Kardashian put her wardrobe in the hands of stylists who pushed her post-pregnancy body into outrageous, high fashion garments. The blowback from the media was immediate and extremely negative. She admits that it “probably wasn’t the best time to be experimenting.”

Kardashian was devastated, in part, because she knew that her weight issues were out of her control. During her 2013 pregnancy, she suffered from preeclampsia, which caused her body to bloat even more than it would during pregnancy. It has turned her into an advocate on the issue, calling for understanding and compassion, rather than shaming for women who are troubled by the same problem.

Kim Doesn’t Let Extra Pounds Weigh Her Down
Kardashian has 43 million Instagram followers and a knack for igniting polarising perceptions about women, nudity, and the body beautiful. She has been approached by weight-loss giants like Weight Watchers to become a spokesperson for their products and services. To date, she has declined.

“Kim’s...not interested. A source very close to Kim tells us she actually doesn’t want to be on a timeline or pressured to lose weight, she doesn’t think it’s good for her to worry about.” – The Gossip Table

Karshashian says she is also less interested in being in front of the cameras and more interested in working behind the scenes. She’s got plenty to work on with a clothing line, a beauty line, and a new website:

Image Source: Instagram

Selena Gomez shows off thigh brows in super sexy swimsuit

Image source

The hottest beauty trend of Spring/Summer 2016 is brows! You might be thinking that brows are not a new trend, but we're not talking about the brows on your face.

Thigh brows are the latest celebrity Instagram trend, going against #thinspo and encouraging curves by embracing the roll of skin that appears at the top of the thigh when wearing high cut swimwear and underwear.

While in Miami last week to promote her lastest movie, Selena Gomez took a dip in the ocean sporting a very 80s inspired swimsuit and flaunting her ‘thigh brows’. The high-cut black one-piece bathing suit, detailed with a low-cut neckline looks seriously smoking on Gomez! The A-list celebrity also sported a healthy glow, full puckered lips and long lustrous lashes. Big lips and long lashes are all the rage for summer.

Image source

Image source

Can we all agree that Gomez is really working the latest ‘thigh brow’ trend and that risky bathing suit?

Words: Frances van Eeden

A guide to shipwrecked hair seen at London Fashion Week


It’s time to let your inner shipwrecked-girl loose!

The Vivienne Westwood SS16 show at London Fashion Week is all about the Vivienne Westwood woman’s travels and being shipwrecked on a desert island. The collection features various contrasting textures, from embellished crystals to laser cut cottons, styled with sea-swept hair and minimal makeup.


The lead hairstylist for the show and Global Ambassador for TONI&GUY, Mark Hampton, took inspiration from a sixteenth century shipwreck painting. The hair is meant to look as if it had been submerged in the sea tides and dried naturally from the sun on a desert island. According to Hampton the key to sea-swept hair is texture.

“The waves are natural and uneven, as if the hair has dried naturally in the sun. Sea Salt Texturising Spray gives you the perfect ‘holiday’ texture without the crunch of hair that’s been damaged by the sun. My tip is to dry the product in with a diffuser to stop the hair looking too wet,” Said Hampton.

AW0A3008 Viv 225

4 Steps to achieve the look with Mark Hampton:

  1. Prep your hair by applying TONI&GUY Prep Volume Plumping Mousse to damp hair, apply away from the face.
  2. Section the top half of the hair from temple to temple and secure with a hair elastic.
  3. Apply TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray to the lower half of the hair and work through to separate the strands. Create a bun by wrapping the hair in the elastic around itself and secure with a hairpin.
  4. To complete the look, take a section of hair from just behind one ear and pink across the forehead. Spray TONI&GUY Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray to seal the strand and secure the ultimate look.

This minimal-effort look is super stylish and easy to recreate! Now you too, can rock runway hair.

Words: Frances van Eeden

The best celebrity beauty looks from the Emmy Awards 2015

All fashion and beauty lovers will agree that the rep carpet main event is the most exciting part of the Emmy Awards. We love seeing our favourite celebrities get glammed up! This year the dresses stunned and despite the heat, all the stars looked radiant! Without a doubt the most popular beauty look on the red carpet this year was full lashes, dramatic eyes and neutral lips.

Image source

Sarah Hyland
Bed-head waves and dramatic eyes make the perfect pair. To compliment her gown, Hyland opted for mauve, shimmery eyeshadows and strong brows.

Image source

Kerry Washington
We love the glamorous hair; Washington’s pinned do creates a faux asymmetric bob-look! The combination of serious glow, big lashes and nude lips looks great on the Scandal star.

Image source

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga was all elegance on the red carpet. Ditching her usual crazy look, the star opted for porcelain-like skin, bold lashes and a nude lip. The makeup perfectly complimented by her platinum bob.

Image source

Kiernan Shipka
The young Mad Men star’s natural beauty is perfectly complimented with bold brows, long lashes and rosy cheeks.

Image source

Amy Poehler
Beauty and brains! Our favourite comedian rocked the red carpet in smoky black liner and glossy rose lips.

Image source

Jaimie Alexander
Slicked-back hair is trending on fashion runways and will be big for summer this year. The effortless do is perfect for the warmer months and looks great with a statement outfit.

We're so excited that beauty this summer is all about lashes, glowing skin and glossy lips!

Words: Frances van Eeden

The hottest hair looks for Spring Summer 2015 with Cloud Nine


Rokstar Salon Director, Brodie-Lee Stubbins has predicted the top hair trends for Spring Summer 2015. This season's hottest looks are all about braids, blondes and middle parts, “We’re going to see some pretty strong centre parts this season – it’s all about the centre part, blondes and braids that are definitely here to stay,” said Stubbins.

"The introduction of the latest revolution in hair lightening, OLAPLEX, is a game changer. This product is the insurance policy for all blondes - a lightening system that enables the colourist to go lighter without compromising the integrity of the hair. Leading up to summer, it’s the perfect reason for a big change!"

"We’re expecting to see lots of platinum blondes; think Rhianna’s latest cool white look along with Gwenyth Paltrow’s cool blonde enhanced with ‘babylights’. For spring and summer we will still see a lot of pastels and soft hues, which is a fun way to experiment on light-coloured hair with fashion colours that require little maintenance," said Stubbins.

The top hair trends for the season

Braids, any shape and any sort - its all about the braid!

Centre parts worn clean and strong to really enhance the facial features.

The low pony is back, sweeping from a nice strong centre part back into a low pony or bun.

For a free-spirited, bohemian moment style carefree, barely-there waves best achieved with the Cloud Nine Waving Wand.


Achieve the Boho Wave in 6 steps

The Boho Wave is easy to do and can look a million dollars! This style requires a styling product for hold and the Cloud Nine wand, you can also use a sea salt mist for extra texture.

  1. Start by working a sea salt mist into the hair and giving it a good texture dry with your hair dryer.
  2. Divide the hair into four sections. This works best if you divide ear to ear and centre part from the nose to the back of the neck.
  3. Using your Cloud Nine wand on a low heat setting, wind the sections back off the face and wrap hair around the wand leaving the ends out.
  4. Hold until hair feels hot then release.
  5. Use your fingers to manipulate the curl whilst it is still warm - by doing this, the hair will cool and set in the same way. Repeat throughout the back sections then use a dressing brush such as a Mason Pearson to smooth.
  6. Spray in some light hold hairspray and your look will be complete.

About Brodie-Lee Stubbins

Stubbins, Chief Rokstar babe, sleeps and breathes hair and fashion, her passion and love for the hair and beauty industry is unwavering. As the Rokstar Director, ANZ Sebastian Design Team artist and Cloud 9 Ambassador, Brodie makes it a point to constantly educate herself and her dedicated team to bring to you the latest trends in Hair and fashion. Brodie has a particular love for working with soft, long hair as well as on-trend shorter looks, keeping a close eye on high-fashion trends generated in Europe, the UK and America. Regularly travelling abroad to work on various Fashion Weeks and projects behind the scenes, Brodie possesses a one-of-a-kind, innate ability to take looks from the catwalk to the street; ensuring your hairstyle perfectly complements your particular brand of funky fashionista steet style or professional career gal, to a tee.

Brodie Lee Rokstar Salon West End
Instagram @rokstarsalon

10 Questions with popular Instagrammer Ashleigh D'Mello


Popular Instagrammers have celebrity-like status these days. Fashion Weekly caught up with Ashleigh D'Mello, Australian personal-style Instagrammer and blogger residing part-time in New York.

You grew up in Perth, but now live between Australia and New York. What are the biggest differences you have found living between the two cities and do you have a favourite?

AD: As you can imagine, Perth and New York are the absolute polar opposites of each other ... I love the buzz and excitement that exists in only a place like New York [but] I love that in Perth life is a little more laid back. Both cities have their positives and negatives and feel like home to me in different ways, so I don’t think I could pick a favourite!

Your Instagram selfies almost always include a winged-liner look, what are some of your go-to makeup items?

AD: Makeup is one of those things I am trying to learn more of [from] my favourite beauty YouTubers and make up artists. My favourite makeup item at the moment is definitely highlighter ... The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector is incredible ... I’m really loving the Fit Me ‘Dewy and Smooth’ foundation. I have a beauty post coming on my blog soon which covers my daily makeup products - the beauty space is really exciting and I can’t wait to jump into it.

Almost every one of your Instagram images has a comment regarding your hair! Do you have any tips for achieving voluminous, silky locks?

AD: I have so much hair, it’s ridiculous! I think the two important things are to find an incredible hairdresser and to also ensure you consistently use high quality hair products to take care of your hair yourself. At the moment, my favourites are definitely The Therapist Shampoo and Conditioner from Evo, The Great Hydrator hair mask ... and the Olaplaex take home treatment.


Your eyebrows are so 'on fleek' they deserve an Instagram account! How do you maintain your brows and do you have any makeup tips regarding brows?

AD: The key to brow maintenance is to find someone who specialises in eyebrows, and not to be tempted to play around with them yourself - I’ve done some damage before, oops! My eyebrow girl is Alison Jade and she is the greatest, I highly recommend [her]! I also use the Alison Jade Cosmetics eyebrow palette and highlighter for my brows.

You mention in a blog post that since a young age, your mother has taught you to take good care of your skin. Do you have any skincare secrets or top tips to pass along?

AD: Thank god for mothers and the lessons they teach you... huh! The most important tips for skincare are to stick to a consistent routine and to use quality products. My current routine involves cleansing and moisturising... applying an eye cream before I go to bed [and] a few times a week I apply a serum on my face to work overnight... I think it’s [important] to invest in good skincare products - there’s a lot to be said for quality!

Your Instagram followers have reached over 11'000, what do you think it is that attracts your followers?

AD: I appear much cooler on the internet... [I] try to maintain a casual and interactive vibe on my Instagram... If someone feels like they are following and interacting with [Instagrammers] who feels like a friend, you are going to have that extra special engagement.

Your Instagram is beautiful with a variety of image styles. How much behind-the-scenes work goes into each image you upload?

AD: It’s crazy how much goes on behind the scenes ... it definitely doesn’t help that I’m an extreme perfectionist. For an outfit post, there’s the outfit planning, location scouting ... ensuring the lighting is good, getting the perfect angle, ensuring my face doesn’t look weird (which happens all the time) and then actually taking the perfect image after [many] attempts! All for a tiny square on a phone app... I’d rather take 100 photos to get the perfect one than upload something I’m not happy with!


Your Instagram flatlay images always get a ton of likes. How do you create the perfect flatlay?

AD: So here’s the thing about flatlays - they look like they are easy to create, but they are one of the hardest... the key is to choose what the focus of the flatlay is and curate visually appealing items that compliment... gather everything you want to include, find the perfect lighting, start styling, continuously test what it looks like on camera... until you’ve found what works best.

Which photo editing apps do you recommend to edit Instagram photos?

AD: My favourite photo editing apps are Afterlight and VSCOcam, although... most of my photos I just use some of the settings in the Instagram.

You began your blog recently, what exciting projects do you have to come for the rest of the year?

AD: I actually started my original blog back in 2012 [but] I didn’t really promote its existence... I relaunched and re branded my blog [because] I wanted a fresh start for my now serious life as a blogger! I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings. Perth Fashion Festival begins [soon], there’s [many] events that I’ll be making my way to! I’m focusing on my YouTube... there’s a few awesome collaborations in the works. My rule is to always enjoy what I do...I definitely am at the moment. I’m just going to embrace the fun, work hard and hopefully the possibilities from there will be endless!

Ashleigh's online presence is huge and is sure to keep growing with the expansion of her YouTube channel - we can't wait to see what comes next for her!

Interview: Frances van Eeden

Kylie Jenner spills beauty secrets to her flawless look

Think you spend a lot on your beauty regime? Well you won’t believe what 18-year-old Kylie Jenner spends on hers! Why is it that we just can’t get enough of the beautiful Kardashian-Jenner clan?

It is obvious that Kylie has made her mark in the beauty world. When it was revealed what lip products Kylie used to achieve her ‘full’ lips, MAC soon sold out of both the lip liner and lipstick. Now, the celebrity will delve deeper into the beauty world as she is set to launch both a beauty website and lipstick set.

Kylie has unveiled her complete beauty routine to The New York Times, including the exact products she uses!  Kylie insists she does not wear heavy makeup on a daily basis and that the ‘done-up’ Instagram photos are usually taken prior to professional photo shoots. The star’s everyday go-to makeup consists of a light coverage foundation, big lashes, lip liner and bronzer.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The tanned star further revealed that she gets her faux glow from Jimmy Coco, where she goes to get a fake tan, and that she is still getting cosmetic fillers in her lips.

Kylie sneaked in a mention of a beauty project she is working on. “I’m in the middle of creating my own lip kit, and I’m doing my three favorite colours: nude, a sepia colour and a true brown,” she said. Supporting this, Kylie posted a photo to Instagram of eight unlabeled lip products captioned, “Picking the perfect shade #KylieLipKit”.


picking the perfect shade. #KylieLipKit

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The Daily Mail reports that fans of Kylie who want to recreate her exact beauty look is set to pay upwards of US$3’500 for the complete routine. 

Words: Frances van Eeden

Snapchat enables users to have the first look at NYFW backstage beauty

Snapchat is to the beauty industry what Instagram is to fashion world.

Social media messaging app Snapchat has recently revealed that its users are now viewing 4 billion videos per day. Snapchat allows users to send photos and 10-second videos directly or publicly and has only recently become a popular social media platform.

It’s okay though, if like us, you only have Snapchat to stalk the Kardashians! Snapchat has become a popular medium for celebrities and influential people to engage with their followers on a more personal, casual level.


Snapchat has changed the way beauty lovers are keeping up-to-date with runway beauty looks. Anyone around the world who has access to the Internet can watch front row fashion through Instagram. Now, Snapchat is allowing beauty lovers to visually ‘go backstage’ through the Snapchat accounts of beauty editors and influential bloggers.

Beauty fanatics can watch live snaps of the latest runway beauty looks up-close and before they make an appearance on the runway. Makeup artists can talk through the products and processes they use by combining short snaps into a ‘story’.

Snapchat is also a valuable tool for beauty YouTubers and bloggers to engage with their audience. Street style bloggers often post Instagram photos as a tease to their latest style lookbooks, similarly many beauty YouTubers now feature ‘mail hauls’ where they open PR mail and show products they have received and which they will be testing for review.

With Instagram recently making changes to its direct messaging we wonder what is next for Snapchat.

Words: Frances van Eeden

Quick morning makeup tutorial for a natural look

Getting yourself ready for the day can be a little daunting with the thousands of beauty products out there on the market, you might be thinking 'where do I begin'? There are so many steps to think of when you are getting ready in the morning, but you no longer have to stress over beauty because Fashion Weekly's beauty editor, Frances, is here to help. This easy to follow, 8-step video helps you achieve a full face makeup that will have you out the door in less than 5 minutes.

A great base is always key to a natural everyday look. That doesn't mean you have to pack your face in thick layers of foundation. A mineral powder is a more natural and less heavy alternative to liquid foundation which is easily applied by a simple blend of the brush. Don't blow your budget on expensive beauty items, you'll find that most products are multipurpose and can be reinvented into a completely new product! Bronzers and blushes can even be used as eyeshadows, making your daily beauty routine that much quicker and easier. This easy, go-to makeup look will have you ready to face the day in no time, watch the video for some tips and tricks!

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting videos to come!

Words: Ashlee McIvor

YouTuber Fleur De Force has released a makeup line you'll love

YouTubers are taking over the beauty world! Fleur De Force is the latest beauty YouTuber to release her own makeup line. This comes just days after Fleur's collaboration with eyelash company, Eylure.

Fleur is a UK-based vlogger, blogger, and author of The Glam Guide. The blonde beauty's YouTube channel has a following of more than a million! So it is no wonder her makeup line has attracted so much attention!

The makeup line focusses on lip and eye products offering 6 lip glosses and 2 eyeshadow quads. The lip glosses are available in 6 shades and cover every colour you could ever need; from a nude to fuchsia pink. The formula of the lip gloss offers both the pigmentation of a liquid lipstick and the glossy finish of a lip gloss, with a vanilla scent that Fleur insists is her favourite scent for beauty products.


A photo posted by Fleur De Force (@fleurdeforce) on

Along with the lip products, the makeup line features two eyeshadow quads. The first contains four neutral brown shades while the other contains four mauve-toned shades. Each quad contains matte and shimmer shades, making it all you need for a complete eye look! Fleur's makeup line also offers a spacious makeup bag with her signature watercolour-and-stars design, because of course you will need a place to home your new products!

The makeup line is exclusive to online store, which offers affordable shipping to Australia (beauty-lovers rejoice!). The collection will be released September 17. Who else will be counting down the days?

Words: Frances van Eeden

‘Make Up Your Own Rules' with Lauren Curtis

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There is no doubt that YouTube is huge right now. Lauren Curtis is Australia’s top beauty YouTuber, more on that here. Now, Curtis’ YouTube career has her appearing on the biggest digital platform in the Southern Hemisphere.

Like many other vloggers, Curtis started her YouTube channel as a hobby, which soon turned into a full-blown career – one at which she has excelled! Therefore it makes sense for Lauren to front a major YouTube campaign.


A photo posted by Lauren Curtis (@lozcurtis) on

The campaign has seen Lauren Curtis appear on larger than life billboards, digital platforms and print publications across Australia, alongside the slogan ‘Make Up Your Own Rules’. The digital platforms host a short clip where Curtis encourages confidence and self-esteem in viewers, and inspires them to ‘accept every version of themselves’.

Curtis has stated that she is thrilled to be working with the company that helped her grow her beauty hobby into a worldwide digital business.

As part of the collaboration, Curtis will appear at YouTube FanFest on September 11. The festival, held at Qantas Credit Union Arena, will give popular YouTube stars with celebrity-like status the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their fans.

Words Francess Van Eeden 

Mia Connor Announced AU's Makeup Artist of the Year 2015

Mia Connor Talks Australian Makeup Artist of the Year 2015

The makeup industry can be one of the most hardest and competitive industries to break in to. We caught up with this year’s Australian Makeup Artist of the Year, Mia Connor, about her new title, what her bright future holds and the main beauty products she can’t live without.

Congratulations on winning Australian Makeup Artist of the Year at the 2015 Australian Industry Makeup Awards! How does it feel being crowned Australia’s best makeup artist?

MC: Thank you! This has honestly been the biggest career milestone to date for me and definitely something I have been working towards for some time. I am so excited for what the future holds!

Your looks are known for glowing skin, perfect blending shadows and flawless clean lines. Where do you gain your inspiration to create such looks?

MC: I gain a lot of my inspiration from other artists whose work I admire, whether by following them on social media or looking through magazines. I’m a bit of a perfectionist though, so I have always been quite particular with blending and the like.

If you had to choose only 3 makeup products to use for the rest of your life, what would they be?
MC: Mascara, liner and a fabulous highlighter.

Your high demand ‘Beautiful Brides’ and ‘Smoke Bomb Eyes’ Masterclasses sell out as soon as you announce them. What are your top tips for creating the perfect smokey eye?
MC: Do your eyes before your base to easily wipe away any fallout. Build your depth rather than going in too strong – we can easily add but it’s much harder to take away. Use eye primers or paint pots to ensure a perfect base for your Smokey Eye, avoid creasing and guarantee longetivity.

Mia Connor Talks Australian Makeup Artist of the Year 2015

You’re hoping to break into the US market with your Masterclasses. What is it about your makeup style that will bring something different to the US industry?
MC: Yes! I get requests from USA artists almost weekly to go over to the States to run my Masterclasses. I like to think my style is an infusion of elegance meets dramatic and I feel this would be well suited to the US market.

You have 14,000 likes on her Facebook Page and over 34,000 followers on Instagram. What do you love most about posting finished works on social media?
MC: I pride myself on posting the majority of my content as unedited, raw images, most of which I take myself. I don’t like to edit my images as I feel this is misleading and I know people appreciate to see the makeup for what it actually is. I love reading comments from followers saying that I inspire them – it’s a great feeling to know that you are someone’s inspiration.

You’ve worked with some major names within the Australian makeup industry, including successful YouTube star Loz Curtis. What is it like working with such talented individuals?
MC: Yes, I have worked with Lauren Curtis a couple of times as well as other celebrities such as Jesinta Campbell, Jodi Gordon & Imogen Anthony. They are all fantastic and a pleasure to work with!

What exciting plans does the future have in store for you?
MC: I will hopefully break into the US market by 2016. I’m in the process of creating my own YouTube channel and hopefully taking my Masterclasses online with eBooks to go worldwide. I’m also working on a very exciting project at the moment which unfortunately I can’t talk about just yet, so stay tuned!

To find out about Mia’s upcoming projects, gain makeup inspiration, and to generally be in awe of Mia’s creations, be sure to follow her Instagram.

Interview: Jessica Lunan

Youtube’s world of beauty

YouTube video bloggers, known to insiders as vloggers, are the new form of 'celebrity'. Beauty fanatics will know if Jaclyn Hill tells you to buy that Chanel foundation, you’re going to splurge your hard earned money and buy that damn foundation!

Recently in Australia, there has been an influx in the popularity of beauty videos on YouTube. The first comprehensive survey into the lucrativeness of the Australian blogging industry has revealed that 70% of bloggers are making money from their websites or YouTube channels. Vloggers and bloggers are becoming more proactive in establishing themselves as a business by affiliating with brands, becoming brand ambassadors and releasing their own products. Yes, that is why you have seen Lauren Curtis on TV holding a Colgate toothbrush next to her sparkling smile!

One thing is evident; Youtubers are leading the way in the beauty industry. Here are our top 7 to watch!

Lauren Curtis
Lauren Curtis is Australia's top beauty vlogger, with more than 3,000,000 devoted subscribers to her channel. Lauren is renowned for her fabulous beauty tutorials that can transform you from drab to totally-fab in a matter of minutes!

Ultra Glam Special Occasion Makeup Tutorial

Chloe Morello
Chloe is another Australian YouTuber whose channel features great makeup tips, tutorials and hauls. However, the reason she has a cult following of more than 1,000,000 followers, is her quirky personality and great sense of humour. Chloe is not afraid to make fun of herself, which make her 'follow me around' lifestyle videos a hoot!

Updated Contouring/Highlight Routine

Beauty Life Michelle
This Australian based YouTube channel is run by the Irish born beauty, Michelle. With over 90,000 subscribers, Michelle is popular for her down-to-earth demeanour and honest opinions. She also always manages to create an enviable flawless base for her makeup looks!

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder Makeup Tutorial

Karissa Pukas
Canadian based but currently living in Australia, Karissa, has a following of over 600,000 subscribers. Karissa’s popularity is due not only to her beauty videos, but also video-style fashion lookbooks. Karissa's no-nonsense attitude and bubbly personality makes for a great watch. Also the owner of her own false lash range, Social Eyes.

Top 10 Hair Products

Shani Grimmond
Brisbane's own vlogger, Shani, is just shy of 500,000 subscribers. Shani is young and full of life. This channel features a range of videos from makeup tutorials to great self-tanning how-to's.

First Impression and One Brand Tutorial

Jaclyn Hill
The woman many consider the Queen of the YouTube beauty community, Jaclyn Hill has a cult following of more than 2,000,000 subscribers, and channel views reaching over 100,000,000! Jaclyn is known for her top video quality and stunning makeup tutorials. She has collaborated with beauty brands, Becca and Morphe Brushes, to create sold-out products. Jaclyn is popular for the sayings ‘blend until you think you can’t blend no more’ (referring to eyeshadow application) and ‘highlight on fleek’.

Birthday Smokey Eye

Kathleen Lights
Watching Kathleen's channel, which has over 1,000,000 followers, is like watching a younger version of J-Lo; with impeccable eye shadow skills and sass to match. This Miami-based channel is a great watch for warm-toned, super shimmery eye looks and honest product reviews.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

An insider’s guide to beauty terminology:
Tutorial: A beauty tutorial is a video 'how-to' that most commonly features step-by-step instructions to achieving a specific makeup look.
Haul: Haul videos feature a collection of newly purchased beauty products. Products are shown and briefly mentioned in the video.
Empties: In the beauty world an 'empties' video features a range of beauty products that have been used up, including opinions on the products.
First Impression: This is the term for a YouTuber's initial opinion whilst using a product for the first time.

Do you have a YouTube beauty favourite that you could share with us?

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Words: Frances van Eeden 

Johnny Depp’s Dior campaign is all guy-liner and moody feels


Johnny Depp is the latest Hollywood-actor to front a Dior campaign. It was announced back is June that Johnny will be the face of Dior’s Sauvage fragrance. Dior has previously released teaser images and fifteen second snippets, but the full campaign is finally here. The opening scene starts with a brooding Johnny strumming the guitar, which cuts to Johnny escaping the city into the desert in the hope of finding something he can’t see, but he can feel it – it is magical. What is it? It is Dior’s Sauvage fragrance, a bergamot-tinged fougère scent created by François Demachy for the brand.

Words: Frances van Eeden

REVEALED | Inside scoop on the beauty looks for MBFF 2015

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All fashion lovers alike are on countdown to Queensland's premier style event as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2015 is set to begin from August 23.

The tone for the new season will be set with designers unveiling their collections over a week long fabulous affair. Not only will we be shining the spotlight on the outfits and designs but this year's look for hair and makeup will be unveiled. Curious to know what's on the agenda? We have the inside scoop.

We're told the spring/summer collections will be bold, beautiful and inspiring. So MBFF will bring in the trust worthy team from Schwarzkopf Professional who will draw on both the current trends and glamour of the past to create the runway beauty looks.

We've listed below a few of the trends set to take centre stage:

Textural braids
Braids and waves never go out of style and can work for almost any occasion. Whether it’s an elegant up-do or lively festival hair, this trend’s one for the ages, and will be in full force for the likes of Alex Perry, Sass & Bide and Toni Maticevski.

Bombshell hair
Full of movement and body, bombshell hair remains a perpetually sought after look- after all, who doesn’t want hair like a Victoria’s Secret angel?

Sleek and understated
Sometimes, less is more, especially when you’ve got pieces from Easton Pearson and Nicola Finetti to show off! Nothing goes past the timelessness of sleek, straight locks, especially with maximum gloss and shine.

Fashion Weekly will be keeping you up-to-date during and in the lead up to MBFF. So stay tuned on social media or subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss a beat!

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Priceline Pharmacy to bring Whitney Port to Australia

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The gorgeous fashion designer and reality-TV star Whitney Port is coming to Australia! Expected to touch down later this month, Priceline Pharmacy will fly her in to celebrate the launch of the Spring/Summer 2015 beauty trends as part of the brand's Festival of Beauty.

In a unique collaboration, Whitney has co-developed the trends with Priceline Pharmacy Makeup Director Rae Morris, marrying Whitney’s international design flare with Rae’s expert makeup knowledge capturing the essence of what will be hot in beauty for this coming Spring/Summer season. The trends will be unveiled as a series of stunning looks at a major runway event at Sydney’s Doltone House on 26 August.

“I’m so honoured to be the ambassador for Priceline Pharmacy’s Festival of Beauty! As a designer, I appreciate beauty and fashion so this project embodies who I am as a person. Having the opportunity to work with Rae was so much fun and I’m really thrilled to be able to come to Australia to launch these exciting looks for the coming season,” said Whitney.

Talking about the inspiration behind the trends, Whitney said, “When Rae and I got together to work on these trends we were really inspired by how there are so many classic beauty looks that have defined moments in time – we decided to take the looks that everyone was already familiar with – and add a fresh twist, so that they felt modern and new.”

“On my last visit to Australia, I visited Priceline and now I know why it’s called a ‘playground’. It has all the familiar, global brands I know and use, and I was introduced to some fabulous Australian and New Zealand brands too,” said Whitney.

Whitney’s official duties will include helping launch Priceline Pharmacy’s Festival of Beauty campaign this month.

Newly announced, fellow Priceline Pharmacy ambassador Samantha Harris will also be attending the Festival of Beauty event next month, modelling one of the beauty trends.

The Festival of Beauty campaign is “a celebration of all things beauty.” For Priceline Pharmacy, unveiling the trends created in partnership with Whitney and Rae reinforces the retailer as the beauty authority and as a priority destination for Australian beauty lovers.

Freeze Frame: Movie Stars & Cosmetic Cryotherapy

The hottest new anti-ageing destination for A-List celebrities around the world isn’t Costa Rica or Thailand or Brazil. They’re heading to cryosaunas in the Hollywood Hills and to the Thermes-Marins Monte Carlo, Europe’s only cryotherapy rooms. These super-chilled chambers are set at bone numbing temperatures to promote anti-ageing rejuvenation.

Get Your Tasteful Sips & Stylish Tips from Cheveux Design and Espresso

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With many new distinctively quirky cafes, espresso bars and “hole in the wall” establishments popping up in all corners of the city, in both unexpected and tricky to find locations, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to that regular Sunday morning coffee hit. And while the lure of the eat street may be hard to ignore, buried in the leafy streets of Auchenflower is one of the city’s finest tripartite businesses.

Showpony Hair Extensions Review

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Someone once said, “Your hair is your best accessory” and I couldn’t agree more. Recently, Showpony Hair Extensions gave me a personal trial of their Clip-In Hair Extensions and it changed my life.