6 healthy tips that you need to try out in 2017

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Get set for a happy, healthy year with these six tips recommended by fitness expert Katie Isabelle Martin.

Get set for a happy, healthy year with these six tips recommended by fitness expert Katie Isabelle Martin.

There’s never been a better time to blast your music, hit up the gym and switch up your diet! And while it’s easy to make healthy resolutions to, following through with them sometimes can be a totally different journey.

Katie Isabelle Martin wants to let you in on the secret to making these healthy swap and sticking to them for the rest of your life! So what’s the secret? We’ll give you a hint, they’re all so easy they can be effortlessly incorporated into your everyday life.

Here’s the 6 healthy tips to try out in 2017.


Fill your smoothie with lots of green veggies and fruits! It helps to detox the body, keep skin clear and fresh, aids healthy digestion and fuel your body with long-lasting energy for the big day ahead.


Try and pull your head out of the study books for a little while. Go out for a walk in the fresh air with the dog, or go for a swim at the local pool with the kids. Keeping the body moving for 30 minutes a day is ALL we need. It's achievable and maintainable!


We all have that sweet tooth and raw desserts are far more nutritious and wholesome for us. Don't get freaked out by the thought of avocado mousse - I promise you'll love it! Raw desserts are all about fooling the palette AND they are far more filling than your regular refined sugary desserts. Less is more. Best thing is, it will keep those inches off your waistline as they're completely guilt-free! So, indulge away.


If you think that exercising with weights will just make you strong and buff, you thought wrong! Weight training is actually very important for women; it burns fat and stimulates our metabolism. You burn calories doing weights. You even CONTINUE to burn the elevated calories for a significant amount of time after. Weight training keeps your bones strong and is actually a preventative measure for osteoporosis. Plus, it relieves stress, releases endorphins and radically improves your posture. Have I convinced you yet? Let's go and do some squats!


Whether you're starting out on a new or transitioned fitness journey, or you're a fitness fanatic, keep yourself a food diary. Not only does it allow you to put everything in perspective but it helps keep you accountable to your goals. If you have a trainer, friend or partner, get them to cross check it every now and then to make sure you're still on track. Don't forget to reward yourself!


It is so important to keep a healthy and balanced mindset - particularly when you are on a new fitness journey - because it is very easy to lose motivation. Stop, think, breathe and rebalance your thoughts. Seek out inspiration and pin it on your walls. Instill confidence, positivity and welcome good energy into your life; it will radiate and translate into those around you. You are full of greatness and are more capable than you think. Say it and believe it!

Katie Isabelle Martin has been in the health and fitness industry from a very young age, starting her first dancing, acting and singing classes when she was only 7 years old.
Katie has set up her own organisation called The Healthy Beauty Movement which is centred around redefining beauty and rebuilding strong foundations of positive body image and self worth. She aims to encourage young women to follow the lead of compassionate, inspiring women who also lead active, healthy & organic lifestyles. Katie wants to share this message with as many women as she can.

How to do your makeup when you are drunk

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And it's much easier than you think!


Let me paint the picture. It's a Saturday night and my girlfriends and I have rented a hotel room so we can catch up for some quality chats because we're finally all in the same city. We're down a bottle or two and we've decided it's time to hit the town. The only problem, we all haven't done our makeup!

So my friend and I head to the bathroom suite where I sip on another glass and watch her transform into a glamour queen - fierce, fabulous and ready slay.

Blurry eyed and giggly, it's now my turn to apply a face of #FLAWLESS.  But I was quickly consumed by the challenge. Everything was going according to plan until I bravely attempted to glide on my blood red Dior lipstick. At first it seemed harmless but when my focus kicked in I realised that one side of my lip was perfect while the other was a disaster. What's even worse is that somehow unknowingly a fingerprint smudge of Dior ended up on my cheek!

As you can see, trying to put on makeup when you have had a few can quickly turn into a disaster! That's why I want to share these 5 beauty tips with you that will ensure that a makeup failure after a few drinks is nowhere in sight.

1. A neutral pallette is a safe bet

Let's not go too crazy with the base. Moisturiser and primer and a touch of foundation blended smoothly is a must! Focus on your T-zone and use a mattifying powder to hide any shine. Steer away from a bronzer in this situation as it's quite unforgiving, instead opt for a peachy blush and apply in small circular motions to avoid a streaked look.

2. Winged eyeliner is a no go

Hand-eye coordination is honestly somewhat troublesome after a few too many, so winged eyeliner should be avoided at all costs. Instead of adding a dark line of drunk confessions to your lid, simply apply a soft shade of colour and hone in on the inner corners. Rim a dark eyeliner to the top of the lid and a nude to the bottom (stay away from liquid and use a pencil). Take it slow and ta-da. 

3. Be mascara ready

While we are keeping our eye makeup to a minimum, to give the WOW factor mascara is a must. Apply your mascara starting from the lash line. While it's still wet add a few layers. Don't apply the mascara in an up and down motion, rather go from left to right to create a smooth and even application. Oh, and only apply to the top lash ... stay away from the bottom.

4. Steer clear of a bold lip

It's safe to assume that anything bold at this point is now dangerous. Let's stick to a nude lipstick or a soft shade of pink or why not just glide on some gloss. Your lips are a clear giveaway to makeup perfection or makeup horror - so keep it simple and somewhat understated.

5. Makeup wipes will be your best friend

I don't think makeup wipes require much of an introduction. They are there for you when you fall. Wipe away any makeup flaws and simply start again. It's the perfect corrector and nobody has to know.

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