Mia Connor Announced AU's Makeup Artist of the Year 2015

Mia Connor Talks Australian Makeup Artist of the Year 2015

The makeup industry can be one of the most hardest and competitive industries to break in to. We caught up with this year’s Australian Makeup Artist of the Year, Mia Connor, about her new title, what her bright future holds and the main beauty products she can’t live without.

Congratulations on winning Australian Makeup Artist of the Year at the 2015 Australian Industry Makeup Awards! How does it feel being crowned Australia’s best makeup artist?

MC: Thank you! This has honestly been the biggest career milestone to date for me and definitely something I have been working towards for some time. I am so excited for what the future holds!

Your looks are known for glowing skin, perfect blending shadows and flawless clean lines. Where do you gain your inspiration to create such looks?

MC: I gain a lot of my inspiration from other artists whose work I admire, whether by following them on social media or looking through magazines. I’m a bit of a perfectionist though, so I have always been quite particular with blending and the like.

If you had to choose only 3 makeup products to use for the rest of your life, what would they be?
MC: Mascara, liner and a fabulous highlighter.

Your high demand ‘Beautiful Brides’ and ‘Smoke Bomb Eyes’ Masterclasses sell out as soon as you announce them. What are your top tips for creating the perfect smokey eye?
MC: Do your eyes before your base to easily wipe away any fallout. Build your depth rather than going in too strong – we can easily add but it’s much harder to take away. Use eye primers or paint pots to ensure a perfect base for your Smokey Eye, avoid creasing and guarantee longetivity.

Mia Connor Talks Australian Makeup Artist of the Year 2015

You’re hoping to break into the US market with your Masterclasses. What is it about your makeup style that will bring something different to the US industry?
MC: Yes! I get requests from USA artists almost weekly to go over to the States to run my Masterclasses. I like to think my style is an infusion of elegance meets dramatic and I feel this would be well suited to the US market.

You have 14,000 likes on her Facebook Page and over 34,000 followers on Instagram. What do you love most about posting finished works on social media?
MC: I pride myself on posting the majority of my content as unedited, raw images, most of which I take myself. I don’t like to edit my images as I feel this is misleading and I know people appreciate to see the makeup for what it actually is. I love reading comments from followers saying that I inspire them – it’s a great feeling to know that you are someone’s inspiration.

You’ve worked with some major names within the Australian makeup industry, including successful YouTube star Loz Curtis. What is it like working with such talented individuals?
MC: Yes, I have worked with Lauren Curtis a couple of times as well as other celebrities such as Jesinta Campbell, Jodi Gordon & Imogen Anthony. They are all fantastic and a pleasure to work with!

What exciting plans does the future have in store for you?
MC: I will hopefully break into the US market by 2016. I’m in the process of creating my own YouTube channel and hopefully taking my Masterclasses online with eBooks to go worldwide. I’m also working on a very exciting project at the moment which unfortunately I can’t talk about just yet, so stay tuned!

To find out about Mia’s upcoming projects, gain makeup inspiration, and to generally be in awe of Mia’s creations, be sure to follow her Instagram.

Interview: Jessica Lunan

Youtube’s world of beauty

YouTube video bloggers, known to insiders as vloggers, are the new form of 'celebrity'. Beauty fanatics will know if Jaclyn Hill tells you to buy that Chanel foundation, you’re going to splurge your hard earned money and buy that damn foundation!

Recently in Australia, there has been an influx in the popularity of beauty videos on YouTube. The first comprehensive survey into the lucrativeness of the Australian blogging industry has revealed that 70% of bloggers are making money from their websites or YouTube channels. Vloggers and bloggers are becoming more proactive in establishing themselves as a business by affiliating with brands, becoming brand ambassadors and releasing their own products. Yes, that is why you have seen Lauren Curtis on TV holding a Colgate toothbrush next to her sparkling smile!

One thing is evident; Youtubers are leading the way in the beauty industry. Here are our top 7 to watch!

Lauren Curtis
Lauren Curtis is Australia's top beauty vlogger, with more than 3,000,000 devoted subscribers to her channel. Lauren is renowned for her fabulous beauty tutorials that can transform you from drab to totally-fab in a matter of minutes!

Ultra Glam Special Occasion Makeup Tutorial

Chloe Morello
Chloe is another Australian YouTuber whose channel features great makeup tips, tutorials and hauls. However, the reason she has a cult following of more than 1,000,000 followers, is her quirky personality and great sense of humour. Chloe is not afraid to make fun of herself, which make her 'follow me around' lifestyle videos a hoot!

Updated Contouring/Highlight Routine

Beauty Life Michelle
This Australian based YouTube channel is run by the Irish born beauty, Michelle. With over 90,000 subscribers, Michelle is popular for her down-to-earth demeanour and honest opinions. She also always manages to create an enviable flawless base for her makeup looks!

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder Makeup Tutorial

Karissa Pukas
Canadian based but currently living in Australia, Karissa, has a following of over 600,000 subscribers. Karissa’s popularity is due not only to her beauty videos, but also video-style fashion lookbooks. Karissa's no-nonsense attitude and bubbly personality makes for a great watch. Also the owner of her own false lash range, Social Eyes.

Top 10 Hair Products

Shani Grimmond
Brisbane's own vlogger, Shani, is just shy of 500,000 subscribers. Shani is young and full of life. This channel features a range of videos from makeup tutorials to great self-tanning how-to's.

First Impression and One Brand Tutorial

Jaclyn Hill
The woman many consider the Queen of the YouTube beauty community, Jaclyn Hill has a cult following of more than 2,000,000 subscribers, and channel views reaching over 100,000,000! Jaclyn is known for her top video quality and stunning makeup tutorials. She has collaborated with beauty brands, Becca and Morphe Brushes, to create sold-out products. Jaclyn is popular for the sayings ‘blend until you think you can’t blend no more’ (referring to eyeshadow application) and ‘highlight on fleek’.

Birthday Smokey Eye

Kathleen Lights
Watching Kathleen's channel, which has over 1,000,000 followers, is like watching a younger version of J-Lo; with impeccable eye shadow skills and sass to match. This Miami-based channel is a great watch for warm-toned, super shimmery eye looks and honest product reviews.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

An insider’s guide to beauty terminology:
Tutorial: A beauty tutorial is a video 'how-to' that most commonly features step-by-step instructions to achieving a specific makeup look.
Haul: Haul videos feature a collection of newly purchased beauty products. Products are shown and briefly mentioned in the video.
Empties: In the beauty world an 'empties' video features a range of beauty products that have been used up, including opinions on the products.
First Impression: This is the term for a YouTuber's initial opinion whilst using a product for the first time.

Do you have a YouTube beauty favourite that you could share with us?

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Words: Frances van Eeden 

Johnny Depp’s Dior campaign is all guy-liner and moody feels


Johnny Depp is the latest Hollywood-actor to front a Dior campaign. It was announced back is June that Johnny will be the face of Dior’s Sauvage fragrance. Dior has previously released teaser images and fifteen second snippets, but the full campaign is finally here. The opening scene starts with a brooding Johnny strumming the guitar, which cuts to Johnny escaping the city into the desert in the hope of finding something he can’t see, but he can feel it – it is magical. What is it? It is Dior’s Sauvage fragrance, a bergamot-tinged fougère scent created by François Demachy for the brand.

Words: Frances van Eeden

REVEALED | Inside scoop on the beauty looks for MBFF 2015

Written by

All fashion lovers alike are on countdown to Queensland's premier style event as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2015 is set to begin from August 23.

The tone for the new season will be set with designers unveiling their collections over a week long fabulous affair. Not only will we be shining the spotlight on the outfits and designs but this year's look for hair and makeup will be unveiled. Curious to know what's on the agenda? We have the inside scoop.

We're told the spring/summer collections will be bold, beautiful and inspiring. So MBFF will bring in the trust worthy team from Schwarzkopf Professional who will draw on both the current trends and glamour of the past to create the runway beauty looks.

We've listed below a few of the trends set to take centre stage:

Textural braids
Braids and waves never go out of style and can work for almost any occasion. Whether it’s an elegant up-do or lively festival hair, this trend’s one for the ages, and will be in full force for the likes of Alex Perry, Sass & Bide and Toni Maticevski.

Bombshell hair
Full of movement and body, bombshell hair remains a perpetually sought after look- after all, who doesn’t want hair like a Victoria’s Secret angel?

Sleek and understated
Sometimes, less is more, especially when you’ve got pieces from Easton Pearson and Nicola Finetti to show off! Nothing goes past the timelessness of sleek, straight locks, especially with maximum gloss and shine.

Fashion Weekly will be keeping you up-to-date during and in the lead up to MBFF. So stay tuned on social media or subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss a beat!

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Priceline Pharmacy to bring Whitney Port to Australia

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The gorgeous fashion designer and reality-TV star Whitney Port is coming to Australia! Expected to touch down later this month, Priceline Pharmacy will fly her in to celebrate the launch of the Spring/Summer 2015 beauty trends as part of the brand's Festival of Beauty.

In a unique collaboration, Whitney has co-developed the trends with Priceline Pharmacy Makeup Director Rae Morris, marrying Whitney’s international design flare with Rae’s expert makeup knowledge capturing the essence of what will be hot in beauty for this coming Spring/Summer season. The trends will be unveiled as a series of stunning looks at a major runway event at Sydney’s Doltone House on 26 August.

“I’m so honoured to be the ambassador for Priceline Pharmacy’s Festival of Beauty! As a designer, I appreciate beauty and fashion so this project embodies who I am as a person. Having the opportunity to work with Rae was so much fun and I’m really thrilled to be able to come to Australia to launch these exciting looks for the coming season,” said Whitney.

Talking about the inspiration behind the trends, Whitney said, “When Rae and I got together to work on these trends we were really inspired by how there are so many classic beauty looks that have defined moments in time – we decided to take the looks that everyone was already familiar with – and add a fresh twist, so that they felt modern and new.”

“On my last visit to Australia, I visited Priceline and now I know why it’s called a ‘playground’. It has all the familiar, global brands I know and use, and I was introduced to some fabulous Australian and New Zealand brands too,” said Whitney.

Whitney’s official duties will include helping launch Priceline Pharmacy’s Festival of Beauty campaign this month.

Newly announced, fellow Priceline Pharmacy ambassador Samantha Harris will also be attending the Festival of Beauty event next month, modelling one of the beauty trends.

The Festival of Beauty campaign is “a celebration of all things beauty.” For Priceline Pharmacy, unveiling the trends created in partnership with Whitney and Rae reinforces the retailer as the beauty authority and as a priority destination for Australian beauty lovers.

Freeze Frame: Movie Stars & Cosmetic Cryotherapy

The hottest new anti-ageing destination for A-List celebrities around the world isn’t Costa Rica or Thailand or Brazil. They’re heading to cryosaunas in the Hollywood Hills and to the Thermes-Marins Monte Carlo, Europe’s only cryotherapy rooms. These super-chilled chambers are set at bone numbing temperatures to promote anti-ageing rejuvenation.

Get Your Tasteful Sips & Stylish Tips from Cheveux Design and Espresso

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With many new distinctively quirky cafes, espresso bars and “hole in the wall” establishments popping up in all corners of the city, in both unexpected and tricky to find locations, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to that regular Sunday morning coffee hit. And while the lure of the eat street may be hard to ignore, buried in the leafy streets of Auchenflower is one of the city’s finest tripartite businesses.

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Someone once said, “Your hair is your best accessory” and I couldn’t agree more. Recently, Showpony Hair Extensions gave me a personal trial of their Clip-In Hair Extensions and it changed my life.

Perfect Work-Appropriate Makeup with this Handy ‘how-to’ Guide

We know that when it comes to work appropriate makeup, no two offices are the same and your chosen profession will ultimately determine the style of makeup you choose for work. For those of us who work in a more relaxed and casual environment, you're probably more daring with your colour choices and can be more adventurous with your look. However, for people working in a more corporate office, your makeup will generally take a more subtle, understated natural look.

11 Questions with Waterlily's Founder Michelle Reeve

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Advocate of natural medicine and founder of Waterlily Skin Body Spa, Michelle Reeve sat down with Fashion Weekly to talk about her journey. In this exclusive interview, she reveals her top skincare tips, why adjusting your home care routine is important and the worst things a woman can do to her skin.

No-Fuss Event Ready Makeup

Little did I realise how important a capsule and event friendly makeup collection would be until I began working for Yelp a little over three years ago. Having a collection of tried and true products to call upon makes the process of getting ready each morning a little easier and stress-free.

Interview with Hair Stylist Theo Dimitri Sotiriou

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Best known for his seductive, daring and edgy locks, Theo Dimitri Sotiriou has travelled the globe being part of the styling teams who bring to life the hair looks for the runways. Based in Brisbane and owner of hair salon, Theo Dimitri Hair, he continues to push the boundaries and challenge the norm.

Top 5 Bad Skin Habits to Kick for Good

As the temperature begins to cool down many of us are guilty of letting a few bad habits creep up on us, especially in our skin care regime. By making an effort to set good habits and kick bad ones for good, you can ensure that your skin will be glowing and healthy by the time Spring rolls around again. Don't let your skin be the April Fool this Autumn with help from Nad's skincare expert Natalie Ismiel, who shares her top 5 bad skin habits to kick for good (and how!).

Autumn Cut and Colour 2015 Trends with Dario Cotroneo

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With summer almost behind us, thoughts are turning to the new season ahead – and new autumn look and colour trends for hair. If you're not sure how to navigate these sometimes tricky waters, celebrity stylist Dario Cotroneo, owner of Dario Salon Darlinghurst, has shared his top tips for cut and colour trends for the cooler months below:

What is Beauty?

The definition of beauty - "a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight."

The Makeup Essentials for the On-The-Go Jet Setter

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How to: Pack Makeup Essentials

We understand that traveling light isn't always easy, whether you're jet setting across the globe or just enjoying a weekend away. We have made packing a little less complicated and compiled a list of must-have makeup essentials to stow when you are on the go.

This Festive Season's Most Fabulous Make Up Look

The festive season calls for big eyes and bold lips! And of course, you can't get anymore festive than with a pop of red lipstick!

In a few simple steps try this festive make up look and get ready to celebrate the holidays in the most fabulous way possible!