Natural Instinct

Jojoba Oil is claimed to be the plant oil closest to the sebum secreted by your own skin, making it the perfect hydrator and natural hair and body moisturiser. The oil is complete with anti-ageing properties that help reduce and prevent wrinkles, nourish the skin, and leave the skin feeling luminous and fresh.

Lavender Oil is renowned for being an effective toner on the skin. It balances the skin making it ideal for all skin types. Lavender extract helps to improve the condition of the skin and also provides a beautiful calming aroma to Natural Instinct products.

Rosehip Oil is known for its skin boosting and anti-ageing benefits. Rich in the antioxidant Lycopene, it is thought to be deeply nourishing, providing nutrients for skin renewal and an overall healthy complexion.

Chamomile Oil is a natural skin soother and is known for its calming properties on dry and sensitive skin. Chamomile extract is used as a skin conditioning agent and for its beautiful perfume. Chamomile has a long traditional use as an astringent and is used to counter skin redness and irritation making it suitable for sensitive skin. The Chamomile Extract used in Natural Instinct is certified organic.

Nettle is renowned for its ability to deeply cleanse without stripping natural oils from the skin or hair, making the herb useful for skin and hair affected by acne and dandruff. For the skin, nettle deep cleans the pores and can assist with removing dirt that contributes to blackheads.

The Natural Instinct range smells like magic and keeps our hands ready for the day ahead!
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