March into Yellow | Endometriosis Awareness Month

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These deposits can cause a number of symptoms such as pelvic pain and infertility. (Fore more information click here.)

How can we help?

March is the International Endometriosis Awareness Month and this is the opportune time to highlight this chronic disease.

Endometriosis Australia Co-Founder Jodie Dunne is encouraging everyone to get behind Endometriosis Awareness Month this March by wearing yellow.

"Endometriosis is a complex disease and by wearing yellow – the international colour for this disease – it is a way for anyone and everyone to show their support and help us raise awareness," Ms Dunne said.

"This year we've set a 'yellow challenge' encourage people to incorporate yellow into their outfits as much as possible during March," she said.

"Our hope is that it gets people talking; and that's what we really want – a conversation about endometriosis."

Four easy steps to participate in March into Yellow:


  1. Decide to participate (pick the amount of time – day, week, month)
  2. Add something yellow to your outfit (it can be subtle or completely over the top – it's up to you)
  3. Take photos of your March into Yellow inspired outfits
  4. Share your photos with Endometriosis Australia via social media Facebook - Endometriosis Australia, Instagram – EndometriosisAustralia, Twitter - @EndometriosisAu

"There are ways for everyone to get involved. If you're an individual you might set yourself a styling or 'outfit of the day' challenge that incorporates yellow," Ms Dunne said.

"Organisations can host a 'free clothes day' with the condition that you have to wear something that's yellow – perhaps the challenge is the most yellow outfit wins!," she said.
"Whatever you decide to do – wear yellow and start a conversation."

2014 is the inaugural March into Yellow campaign, and Endometriosis Australia aims to create an annual, national discussion around endometriosis and encourage all Australians to talk about this disease.

A few facts:

  • There is no cure.
  • 1 in 10 women have endometriosis.
  • On average it take women 7 – 10 years to get a correct diagnosis.
  • Teenagers are not too young to have endometriosis.
  • Endometriosis cannot be prevented.
  • Period pain that stops your normal routine is not normal.
  • Endometriosis does not always cause infertility.

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