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Pale & Minimal with Coloured Eyeliner Flicks:

Minimalistic faces are the way to go for the new season – they're clean, they're fresh, and they keep the focus on the clothes. Not that we don't love a good colourful face, but sometimes all you're after is a good clean natural face.

However, for those who can't get enough of all the crazy colours, this look can be done with a bit of a twist. Keep everything as pale and minimal as possible and brighten your eyes with cat-like colourful flicks.



Smoky- Eyes & Heavy Brows:

We love a good smoky-eye like the next person and this season it's back with a bang. Slightly less in-your-face with brown tones instead of heavy black ones.

And for those who are after a really strong, bold look, try the smoky-eye with a heavy brow, and keep the lips a nude colour – it's all the rage at Burberry Prosum.




Maybe we won't have to say to goodbye to our summer glow after all – at Rodarte it was all about the bronzer, bronzer and more bronzer. On the eyes, on the cheeks, on the brows, they couldn't get enough of it.

Give this one a go whilst your summer tan is still glowing. However, I wouldn't attempt this one if you've been stuck inside without feeling that sun on your skin. Too much bronzer on pale skin, isn't the prettiest of looks.


With plenty of variety to excite your inner make-up artist, it's time to leave behind the face of Summer and indulge in these bold Autumn/Winter 2012 trends.