Makeup artist Liz Kelsh talks Manicare collaboration

Celebrity makeup artist Liz Kelsh talks Manicare collaboration and what it takes to make it in the beauty industry.

Celebrity makeup artist Liz Kelsh on her collaboration with Manicare Next Generation brushes

With over 20 years in the industry, makeup artist Liz Kelsh has worked with a long list of celebrities and fashion elite, released her makeup guide and partnered with an array of beauty brands. The most recent collaboration has seen Kelsh work with Australian beauty care accessories brand Manicare.

Featuring improved bristles, light-weight handles and a new modernised design, the Next Generation brushes will be your secret weapons to create drop-dead gorgeous makeup looks.

We caught up with Kelsh to talk all things beauty and find out what the secret is to her success.

You’ve worked with many well-known fabulous women, what was the moment when you first realised that you’d made it as a celebrity makeup artist?

LK: Although I've never had an individual 'I've made it moment' having my first book published 'Makeup by Liz Kelsh' was a definite career highlight.

Have you ever experienced a ‘fan girl’ moment when meeting a celebrity?

LK: I've never had a [particular] 'fan girl' moment [but] I am definitely a fan of all my clients and consider myself very fortunate to work with such amazing talents.

You recently collaborated on a makeup brush range with Manicure. Tell us about your involvement and your favourite brush?

LK: I was very excited when asked by Manicare to consult with them on their Next Generation brushes. The high quality hair makes them a dream for blending and the crimped ferrules makes them long lasting. [These are] two of the most important things I look for in a brush.

I also helped curate the collection, taking the guess work out of brush purchasing for the consumer with tips on application on each brush. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the eye blending brush, a must for every makeup bag.

Can you share your most unconventional beauty tip that you swear by?

LK: Natural yogurt on sunburn, works every time!

What is one beauty look or blunder that makes you cringe?

LK: Over plucking your brows is never a good idea. Your eyebrows frame and give balance to your face and add polish to even the simplest of makeup [looks].

Is there a secret to your success?

LK: I think as with the secret to anything, hard work followed by more hard work. But I do love my job and I'm a believer that if you find a job that you love you'll never work a day in your life.

The Manicare x Liz Kelsh collaboration brush range features ten makeup brushes ranging from powder- to eyeshadow brushes and is available at

Words: Frances van Eeden