Renowned makeup artist Carol Mackie talks top beauty trends


Fashion Weekly caught up with makeup genius Carol Mackie right as she returned from Paris Fashion Week. Mackie is a renowned makeup artist with over seventeen years' experience in the industry and has worked at International Fashion Week's accross the globe. The MAC Cosmetics Senior Makeup Artist visited Brisbane to host a masterclass in collaboration with RESORT on James Street. Read on to find out what the biggest beauty trends of the season are and how you can get the look!

You’ve just returned from Paris Fashion Week! What are the top three beauty trends that were evident and how can our readers adapt these trends?


  1. This season it is less about the wet-skin look with more focus on a satin finish. You know that the product is there but you can’t really see it because it is blended very well, creating a soft focus on the face.
  2. A big trend that I noticed at shows is that makeup was being switched up. Where one model might have a bold lip, the other will have [dramatic] eyes. It is all about individual style, personality and working with [different] face shapes.
  3. There is a lot of colour coming through this season with nods to brights and glitter. Carrying on from last season we saw worn-in eyeliner. This modern grunge look involves putting makeup on and blending it out with a cotton bud to look like the makeup has been slept in.

Strobing is talked about a lot at the moment! What exactly is this and how can we achieve it?

CM: We have been strobing forever and suddenly it has become a trend! Strobing is highlighting on the highpoints of your face; down the nose, the cupid's-bow, just below the eye and a little bit on the chin. The MAC Strobe Cream is what we call the Barocca for the skin because you put it on and your skin looks ten times better! It has a pigment in it which creates a beautiful luminosity.

Why do you think events like RESORT is important for Brisbane and what does it mean for our fashion scene?

CM: I think it is important because it is merging fashion and beauty... it is important to bring people who have the same aesthetic together in order to collaborate.

Can you run us through some of the stand-out products included in the RESORT collection, and how they are used?

CM: The collection has a very summery feel to it. The Eye Shadow X9 palette can be used in so many ways and there is a variety of lipstick shades in the collection as well as the Mineralised Skin Finish. With a collection like this it can be overwhelming to know how to use each product so I recommend booking in for a makeup lesson at the MAC store which can then be redeemed on products.

What is your ultimate beauty secret that you can share with our readers?

CM: A product that has always been a favourite of mine is the MAC Cream Colour Base. It comes in a variety of shades. I think cream products are great because they are less ageing than powders and I always get asked how people can look younger.

What is next for you?

CM: I am going to Melbourne to host student night events in our MAC Pro Stores and then I am travelling to Western Australia for a bridal masterclass.

What advice would you give aspiring makeup artists?

CM: When you are working as a makeup artist it is all about condensing your products and being smart with what you use and how you use it. That is the same for the everyday women; they want things that easy to apply in different ways. I often apply lipstick then pop a brush in my lipstick and apply it on my cheeks. Also invest in great brushes. If you look after them and wash them they will last for a long time.

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Words: Frances van Eeden