Loco for Coco: A product review of H2Coco Coconut oil

This season's beauty essential is coconut oil. Surprised? So were we! Read our coconut oil product review to see why we're loco for H2Coco Coconut Oil.


Move over argan oil, there is a new 'liquid gold' on the beauty scene!

Technically a 'superfood', coconut oil is all the rage right now thanks to its countless health and beauty benefits. Despite little scientific evidence, coconut oil's unique combination of fatty acids have been known to have profound effects on brain function, harmful micro-organisms, hair and skincare and even the rate off fat loss.

I decided to put all the hype to the test and review H2Coco's organic virgin coconut oil. Before this product review, I wasn’t sure how to use coconut oil so I did some research and tried everything from cooking to teeth whitening. After walking around all weekend smelling like a giant Bounty chocolate bar, I found there where a lot of hits as well as some misses. If you are looking for some coconut oil beauty tips , want to know how to use coconut oil or just an honest review of what works and what doesn't, then read on!

Coconut oil for... Cooking

The best thing about this product is that there is no end to its uses! Baked sweet potato chips are one of my favourite snacks and I have always used olive oil to make them. This time, I switched to coconut oil and I am so glad I did! I covered all of my sweet potato discs with the oil and baked them until they were crisped to perfection. My tip would be to serve them warm with a dash of salt ... delish! The coconut oil surprisingly adds a subtle flavour, there's an emphasis on the crunch and there isn't any oily residue left on your fingers as evidence from your cheeky snack!

Coconut oil as... Make up remover

I have always struggled to find a make up remover that works for me. Honestly, I had low expectations to use coconut oil as part of beauty routine. However, I was blown away! I used oil covered makeup pads and gently wiped my waterproof eye-liner and mascara covered eyes. Within two wipes of each I was totally bright eyed with not a trace of any dark make up. I did find, however, that my skin needed a good cleanse after removing the make up as it was left feeling clogged and extra oily.

Coconut oil as... Hair mask

Anyone with frizzy hair like mine knows how hard it is to find a product that tames the mane without breaking the bank. I have read many reviews about coconut oil as a hair treatment so I thought what the heck! I applied it quite liberally to the ends of my hair and attempted to brush it through as you would a normal hair mask. This was a struggle as it made my hair quite coarse. I slept with it in over night hoping it it would become softer. However, my hair was left feeling like straw. After washing the oil out and using a considerable amount of conditioner, I found the coconut oil made did make my hair extra shiny.

Coconut oil as... Body scrub

Soft, exfoliated skin, what more can I say... The sweet and tropical combination of coconut oil and sugar (you could also use salt) left my skin feeling bright and revitalised. This is my top coconut oil beauty tip as it just makes you feel so fresh and radiant- perfect for first date or job interview prep! The only cons about this method is that the shower needs a good wash after to get rid of the sugar residue.

Coconut oil as... Moisturiser

My favourite part of using coconut oil on my skin is how smooth and sexy it leaves me feeling. Before bed, I covered myself head to toe in coconut oil, making sure that I rubbed it in as best I could to save my sheets from oil stains. Whilst it did wonders for my body, I wouldn't suggest using it as a face moisturiser as it caused me to break out and made my make up appear oily after a while.

Overall, I loved trying all of the different uses for coconut oil and have made it a permanent part of my cooking and beauty routine. If you love the smell of coconut and are always looking for new beauty tips and tricks, I definitely recommend giving these a go and finding out what works for you.

Words: Taylah Scanlon