Liquid Skin Care Launches Shaving Solution for Men

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Lqd, is a new range of premium skincare designed specifically for the skin concerns of men. The high-concentration of active ingredients and antioxidants in Lqd makes the range ideal for guys who want to look the best they can, whether they are at the beach, at the gym or have been up all night long.


What some men don't realise is that the active ingredients in certain skincare products may actually be doing more harm than good. For instance, some shaving foams and creams work by irritating the hair follicles to make the hair stand on end for a close shave, but this is also what causes the red and burning sensation known as razor rash.
Lqd uses a very different formula for their shave product, and also has a different lotion for after shaving. Calm is the only Australian men's skincare solution to contain SymSitive®1609, an active ingredient that calms and soothes irritation four times faster than other products. With the help of SymSitive®1609, calm penetrates the skin to minimise irritation for the closest, smoothest and most comfortable shave yet.

There are five products available in the range – shave (shaving cream), calm (after shave lotion), scrub (12% glycolic scrub), wash (face wash), hydrate (moisturiser). All Lqd products utilise natural ingredients and are fragrance, sulphate and paraben free. The result is an improved skincare experience without redness, burning or irritation.

I have been using Lqd over this past week, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. My skin seems to have more life, and now has a really clean and smooth feel to it. Lqd, has pleasantly surprised me with the results that have taken effect over this past week, and I am excited to see its effects long term.

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