Lip. App. Love.

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After nine months of developing and testing the app, it is now available on the iTunes App Store for only $US2.99.

RED Burlesque

RED Burlesque allows the user to try, find and buy their perfect lipstick. You no longer have to go to a multitude of stores or use unhygienic testers. It is fast, interactive and simple. Best yet, you get to try your shades on without any fuss.

The app has three features lipstick lovers will find indispensable: a 'selfie' feature that lets you take a shot of yourself, then immediately places a colour of red lipstick on your lips and allows you to see how you look in 20 different shades; 'What's my shade', which
guides you through a few simple questions and then tells you what the perfect shades of red lipstick are for your skin tone, skin colour and hair colour; and lastly a makeup mirror with zoom so you can apply your lipstick with laser-like precision.

Once you have seen how you look in the different shades of red, you can then purchase and have your chosen RED Burlesque Lipstick delivered to your door all through the app.

Technology is changing fast and an interactive virtual shopping experience will encourage users to search, shop and share.

This is a first but surely just the beginning.