Jessica Alba’s Punk Curls with Robert Lopez

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How to:

  1. Wash and condition hair, leaving the roots conditioner-free for a more textured look. Add a little mousse at the roots for extra lift and even more texture.
  2. Blow-dry hair loosely so it's completely dry, no need to make it straight.
  3. You can achieve this curl using the new VS Sassoon Curl Secret™, which takes the place of a traditional curling iron without the fuss. First grab a small section of hair, starting a few inches below your roots. Place the hair inside the guide making sure the side with the settings faces your head.
  4. Clamp down and your hair is automatically drawn inside into a heated curl chamber. Once inside, your hair is softly held and heated from all directions. Your hair is not put under any tension so its elasticity is protected. It takes just seconds to form a perfect curl. A beeper counts out the seconds (there are three timer settings – 8, 10 and 12 seconds - and two heat settings to choose from) and tells you when the curl is ready. Then simply open to release a perfect curl. For this look set the Curl Secret™ at just 8 seconds and when ready, release for an instant loose curl.
  5. Once all hair is curled, spray the hair with texturizing hairspray.
  6. Finger shake the hair from underneath the hair, breaking up and pulling the curls.
  7. Make a rough side part.
  8. Pull the left side slightly up with a bobby pin to secure the hair.


Expert tip: This look works well on all hair textures and is especially dramatic with ombre hair like Jessica's.

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