Interview with YouTube's beauty queen Lauren Curtis


YouTube has become one of the biggest platforms for sharing beauty knowledge. Australia's top beauty vlogger (video blogger) Lauren Curtis, has a following of more than 3 million devoted subscribers and is renowned for her fabulous beauty tutorials that can transform you from drab to totally-fab in a matter of minutes! Read on as we chat to Curtis about her top beauty and style tips.

Hi Lauren, thank you for chatting to us today! Congratulations on being a part of the amazing YouTube Beacon Campaign. Can you tell us a bit about how you first became involved with creating YouTube videos?

LC: Thank you so much! It all started back in 2011... I was studying photography; something I was obsessed with at the time. My interest in makeup was growing and so I started watching YouTube videos in my spare time. I didn't have many hobbies back then so the idea of joining my love of photography and filming with my blossoming love of makeup seemed like a fun idea!

You have over three million followers looking towards you for beauty advice. Can you share your top beauty secret with us?

LC: That's a tough one! My favourite tip would probably be applying mascara in the opposite direction most people do - pulling your lashes towards your nose rather than your ears... [this] makes them appear longer, it almost fulfils the role of a lash curler without the risk of snipping your lashes off!


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With such a jam-packed schedule, what does a typical day in your life look like?

LC: Life has changed a bit since moving back to Perth from Sydney (where everything's go-go-go!) but a typical filming day would consist of the usuals; breakfast, shower, skincare routine and then I'll head to my filming room... [I] set up my camera and lighting, and start to film. I never really plan my videos out too much before I film because it usually changes so quickly! Once that's done I'll have a little break ... [then] it's time to edit! This is my least favourite part of the process as it's very tedious and time consuming; I've actually fallen asleep a few times whilst editing! I'll proceed by uploading the video to YouTube (usually for a few days in advance), and then I might watch a few trashy reality TV shows (don't judge!) to unwind... I'll head to the gym to do some weight training and a bit of cardio - this is another great way to unwind! I'll follow this with my usual night time shower and skincare routine, then cook dinner with my boyfriend, answer some more comments and emails, watch some TV then off to bed!

As the warmer months approach, is there is a new release product that you are super excited about for summer?

LC: I just got my hands on the Smashbox BB Water - it's meant to be a super light water-based BB cream with SPF, so it sounds perfect for summer!

You’ve only recently launched your website, LoveLoz, how has this changed the content you are creating?

LC: It's allowed me to post about non-beauty related topics, which has been really great. Talking about makeup and beauty is fun, but it's nice to switch it up now and then.


We love your fashion style! What is your must-have wardrobe item to complete an outfit?

LC: Thank you! A leather/pleather jacket for sure. It can be worn casually with ripped jeans or it can take a LBD to the next level by adding a bit of edge.


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What is the one item that you think all women should have in their makeup bag to easily take their look from day to night?

LC: Red lipstick! It can transform a look in seconds. Usually red lips look best with understated eyes, which is generally a 'day' look for most people.

You have just recently been a part of a massive campaign with YouTube, what is the next big thing to come for you?

LC: I've got something super exciting in the works but unfortunately I can't talk about it just yet. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled!

Keeping our eyes peeled is what we will be doing for sure, we can't wait to see what is next for this beauty maven!

Words: Frances van Eeden