Interview with Hair Stylist Theo Dimitri Sotiriou

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We sat down with Theo to talk about how his journey began and what to do on a bad hair day.

How did your journey in the hair industry begin?

TDS: I started my hair journey as a last resort to be completely honest. As a high school student, I struggled to comprehend sitting at a desk for the rest of my life. I loved using my hands and knew that I had to use them in some way. After starting in a small country town salon, this experience, though only exposing me to a little taste of what the industry had to offer, really opened my eyes to this craft and that it can take me anywhere I want.

What's been the biggest highlight in your career?

TDS: The biggest highlight thus far? That's tricky to just select one highlight - it would have to be between, being on the Backstage Styling Team for New York Fashion Week, assisting on stage in London at Salon International and opening my own salon. You decide! (he said with a cheeky grin)

Interview with Hair Stylist Theo Dimitri Sotiriou

If you had not made the decision to be a hair stylist, what career do you think you would have pursued?

TDS: A spy. (he laughts) No, I was studying pre-rec subjects to be an accountant or financial advisor.

What is a must have hair product every woman should own?

TDS: Oh my god, I have just started using a salon professional brand called Eleven Australia and their Miracle Hair Treatment is a leave-in and a MUST HAVE!

What's the biggest hair trend for Autumn Winter 2015?

TDS: Hate to say it but the root stretch is still in and it isn't going anywhere - those dark roots to those light ends. This season though women are starting to be a little more daring with the more toffee, caramel, honey and burnt autumn tones. I'm actually a fan of this because it's different and there is also a big difference between orange and burnt autumn.

Interview with Hair Stylist Theo Dimitri Sotiriou

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Why are hair extensions such a big part of creating those stand-out celebrity looks?

TDS: I find that celebrity's use hair extensions as a tool to create the make believe 'perfection' look to show off to the rest of the world. Personally, I am not a fan of extensions purely because I find people don't look after them as well as they should, I mean for a celeb having a personal stylist [to help them]- it's easy.

Who would be your ultimate celebrity client?

TDS: Charlize Theron! She just rocks any hairstyle she is given - she knows how to own the look and she looks ridiculously gorgeous doing so.

What's one piece of advice you would give our readers about a bad hair day?

TDS: Advice? Work with the hair that was gifted to you and don't panic, it's just hair.

Interview with Hair Stylist Theo Dimitri Sotiriou

Are you ready for a quick round of our custom Theo Dimitri Sotiriou questions?:

Describe yourself in three words?

TDS: I. Style. Hair.

What is your favourite Friday activity?

TDS: Don't know if I am allowed to say it!

What is one thing you can't live without?

TDS: I'm going to have to be all Gen Y and say my cell phone, so I can stay connected. I wish I had a different answer for this question.

What's your favourite quote?

TDS: Pay close attention to the people who don't clap when you win.

What's next?

TDS: Evolving and sharing my knowledge with others and to keep growing. I have a few things in the pipeline so you will have to stay tuned.

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