Interview with Celia Pavey on VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer

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I absolutely love the VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer because I have a really busy life and it fits with that - it has an innovative Smart Tech brushless 2200W motor that helps dry my hair quickly - which is better for it - and gives me salon results even though I'm not a hairdresser! It's also lightweight so its very easy to use and among other things has a true cold setting to 'set' my hair smooth. Last but not least, It adds fabulous shine!

What was it like working with the VS Sassoon team and creating the Expert Tips video with Stylist Robert Reeves?

It was so much fun working with the VS Sassoon team and Rob Reeves!! I had the best time on and off set with them, and I learnt so much about how to style my hair using the 3Q dryer. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

You have gorgeous long hair, would you say it is part of your signature look?

Absolutely! I've been growing my hair for so long now; I have an attachment to it! I am very lucky to have the colour I do, thanks to my beautiful parents, so why not have lots and lots of it! (she laughs)

What is one hair product you can't live without?

Well, at the moment the new VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer of course but also Moroccan oil hair treatment to repair and nourish, hydrate, control frizz and detangle my hair.

Interview with Celia Pavey on VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer

Do you ever find the length of your hair challenging?

At times, but I guess I am used to it now and know how to handle and style it.

Would you ever cut your hair short?

Maybe, but not just yet.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I would describe my own personal style as natural, colorful, vibrant and free spirited. Growing up in the country and now living by the ocean in beautiful Coogee; I love nature, flowers, and anything with a hippie vibe! I am always shopping at the local Op shops for vintage goodies but also cruising the shopping malls keeping up to date with the latest styles and vibes but also keeping it creative and unique. I always have to be myself.

What are a couple of items on your shopping wish-list right now?

Oooh that's a hard one! I guess I love to exercise or do yoga daily, so anything sporty, like workout gear or new runners would be on my list as well as is a new electric guitar.

Also a blender so I can mix up some healthy drinks and shakes, a vintage 35mm film camera, and some new clothes and a hat for all the upcoming summer music festivals.

Too many things I'd say!

Interview with Celia Pavey on VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer

What has been the most exciting moment in your music journey so far?

The most exciting moment was releasing my first ever EP "Bodies" a few months ago. I am so excited to be able to share my own music and to get it out there in the world. Also, touring was such an exciting moment for me, on the road with my band and playing music to people each night in different towns and cities.

What's next for you?

I am constantly writing, co-writing, creating and finding inspiration and influences for new music. I am currently working on a new EP, which I am so excited about. It's in the works to be released early next year. A music festival called VANFEST in my hometown of Forbes is happening for the very first time and coming up on the 6th of December with artists Chet Faker, Matt Corby, All Day, Sneaky Sound System and many others including me and my amazing band. I am so so excited!

Interview with Celia Pavey on VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer