Instagrammer Anna Victoria exposes #fitsporation

Fit girl takes mirror selfie

I don't know about you, but when I hear the term fitsporation I immediately think of thigh gaps, acai bowls, flat abs and green smoothies. But maybe that's just me?

With the popularity of Instagram rapidly increasing in our society the more #fitsporation content such as selfies of fitspo models in bikinis with taut tummies, toned arms and not to mention kitted out in the latest exercise gear can often be a little overwhelming for followers.

But are these posts from fitspo go'ers truly promoting a healthy message to their followers or are they merely having a negative influence on viewers, making them feel insecure about their own personal appearance?

Instagrammer Anna Victoria and founder of Fit Body Guide, recently took to her instagram posting an image some have deemed controversial and different from her usual fitspo content. Anna demonstrated how even those who are extremely well regarded within the fitsporation family aren't perfect.


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Her latest post has left us here at Fashion Weekly feeling empowered after her explanations behind the post summarises the real meaning of fitsporation over the commercial “perfect bod” pics. In a nutshell, Anna summarised how even the most toned of people still have skin that folds over on their stomachs when they sit down and that having this is nothing to be ashamed of! I know right? A real life fitspo model admits to having what she deems to be a flaw with her “already” perfect body? Thus proving that no one is perfect and that minor “imperfections” should be embraced rather than edited out!

Thank you Anna Victoria for being bold enough to own it!

Words: Isla Perrett