Instagram bans #curvy and this is why it is #stupid

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This isn't the first hashtagged word that has become unsearchable, as it now accompanies other tags such as of thighs and butt. But you can still search other variations of curvy such as #curvywoman, #curvylady or #curvyfashion.

A spokesperson from Instagram told Mashable that they have blocked the hashtag because it violated their guidelines around nudity.

But what's concerning is that far more explicit and vulgar hashtags are still searchable such as, #skinnyslut, #fatfuck and #thinbitch.

Helenda Horton from Dazed wrote, "It appears that Instagram is doing more about nudity than it is about body-shaming."

Instagram has been quick to ban images of breast feeding, stretch marks and menstruation because they don't comply with their guidelines. But they still allow users to search for #vagina, #clitoris and #dicksuck which is downright improper.

Activist Sam Roddick told HuffPost UK Lifestyle, "[Instagram] is not a safe platform for women and especially young girls."

Despite the public outrage Instagram is standing firm on their decision. Perhaps they are being misrepresented but if they're not careful it could become another place for lewd users to search for sexual content.