How To with Brad Ballard

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"This look started as a whisper and is going along with a roar," said Brad. "Hair is getting glossier and glossier although some stylists are playing with this look by adding a more matt finish through the ends. I like what Ivy Levan has done here – it's an interesting style with on-trend influences. It suits woman who are confident about their style."


  • This style is best started on hair that has been washed and dried the previous day.
  • Section your hair in a horseshoe shape from left temple to right temple. Pin the top section of the hair out of the way so you can work more neatly with the bottom section.
  • Using a small amount of light wax rubbed into your palms, smooth through the bottom section of your hair and brush with a bristle brush. Once you have brushed this section smooth you will need to secure it with an elastic band into a tight pony tale just below your crown.
  • Moving to the top section you pinned away early, release the pins and spray a salt/texture spray into the roots.
  • Using your VS Sassoon Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional AC Dryer blast dry the product, using your finger tips to create volume as you dry. I love using this dryer. It delivers professional, versatile results even if you aren't a professional. It's equipped with high-density ceramic intense technology and a high velocity professional AC motor, which together deliver professional drying speed and even heat distribution to guarantee soft, shiny undamaged hair.
  • Then using your VS Sassoon Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Straightener with its Ceramic Intense Plate Technology and CeramicTEC Heating Technology so your hair will be enjoying all the very best protective and heat transfer properties that professional ceramic has to offer, smooth through the mid lengths and ends of your hair only, giving the ends a subtle turn as you reach them so as to create a soft curl.
  • Repeat this action on the mid lengths and ends of your ponytail.
  • Twist your pony tale loosely and make it into a high, tight but textured bun. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Brush through the top section of hair and lightly spray to create the final texture you like. Tease through the roots if you need extra height, but be sure to smooth over the section so your hair doesn't look teased.
  • Pull this section back to meet the bun and secure across the crown (which should be the mid lengths of your hair). Once this section is secure, wrap around to create another slightly messier bun and pin to secure.
  • Using your fingertips and hair spray, create the final shape that you want.

This style is for the more adventurous and those who like styling a challenge.