How to obtain Victoria's Secret Angel hair

Written by Jessica Lunan

It’s the most magical time of the year! No, we’re not talking about Christmas (although we love that too), but the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

This year the City of Lights has been transformed into The City of Angels thanks to the anticipated show being held in Paris. And while many of us dream of one day becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel, we can obtain their renowned voluminous and sexy tresses today!

Multi-award winning Stylist and Showpony Professional Ambassador Lizzie Liros has shared her top tips to achieving the sexily undone locks in 11 simple steps. All you need is clip in hair extensions and a curler.

1. Part clean dried hair on desired side and spray with a medium-hold hair spray.

2. Starting from the front of the hair around the face, take a thin vertical section of hair from the part line down to the nape (just under your ear).

3. Curl the section of hair with a one-inch curling wand, winding hair away from the face.

4. Hold for 5 seconds and then remove the hair from the curling wand keeping the curl intact.

5. Pin the curled hair to the base of the scalp to allow the curl to cool and set.


6. Continue this same system with remaining hair.

7. Once all of the hair is curled and pinned allow the hair to cool for 15 minutes.

8. Whilst hair is cooling follow the same curling technique for the hair extensions. I recommend the Showpony Professional 7-piece Human hair Clip-in Hair Extensions.

9. Allow the pieces to cool for 15 minutes then apply the hair pieces to your natural hair in the following order:

• Start with the two 3 Clip Extensions, attaching them on a 45-degree angle running from the bottom of the ear to the nape following the hairline. This is the secret to achieving this look, if you apply the hairpieces in a straight line they won’t blend naturally.
• Second, clip the 4 Clip Hair Extensions across the back of the upper head, in line with the top of the ears.
• Next attach the two 2 Clip Extensions above the piece just applied. Placing the pieces on either side of the back center of the head, positioning on a 45% degree working from the center of the head pointing down towards the ear.
• Finally finish with the two 1 Clip Extensions. Apply at the sides of the hair closer to the ear, following the same direction as the two clip pieces above.

10. Once all pieces are fastened in place carefully remove each bobby-pin and release the curls.

11. To finish, run your fingers through hair to loosen curls and blend the natural hair with the hairpieces.

TIP: Brushing the hair with comb or brush with smooth the hair more so than using your fingers.


So, there you have it! Be ready to embrace your inner ‘Angel’ and slay every day.

Thanks to our friend at Showpony for their expert tips!