Fashionably eliminate stress at work

Written by Jessica Lunan

Because stress is one look that doesn’t look good on anyone.

While we’re all busy being stylish #GIRLBOSSES, at times with the demands of life it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. With numerous deadlines, hectic schedules and the non-stop nature of today’s workplaces no wonder we’re especially inclined to feel stressed at work.

Here are our 9 tips to avoiding stress in the workplace as feeling anxious is one trend we’re not coveting in this lifetime, thanks.

Organised desk

They say organisation is next to godliness, and if you’ve ever felt the stress of an unorganized wardrobe, you can only imagine how stressful an unorganized desk can be in a professional environment. Not only will an organised desk help you clear your mind and look incredible (who else has a Pinterest board of desk inspo?), but you’ll also prevent that stress of sifting through papers before that important meeting. Win, win!

Decide on what to wear prior the night before

Who else has completely pulled apart their wardrobes because they could swear that fringed skirt is in there somewhere? If you haven’t got a set dress code for work deciding on what to wear to the office can set anyone over the edge. Our rule of dressing for the work is to always opt for smart, chic items. Deciding the night before and having everything prepped for the morning not only eliminates unnecessary worry, but you’ll have a few minutes’ spare for an extra lay in.

Opt for comfy over sky-high

It almost hurts us to say this, but opting for comfortable flats over sky-high heels can make the world of difference to our emotions. When you feel comfortable you can think and work efficiently. If you can hardly walk to your desk, and are complaining about sore toes, you can bet the majority of your brain power is going to go to that and not your work which, you guessed it, can result in unnecessary stress! If you can’t bear to part with your beloved heels, ensure you have worn them in properly before setting a toe into the office.

Because stress is one look that doesn’t look good on anyone.

Take your breaks

It sounds simple, but it’s one tip that the majority of us avoid. Having a break not only gives us a moment to recharge our batteries, but they actually help to eliminate pressure and makes us more proactive for the rest of the day. Bonus points if you get the chance to step out of the office and soak up some much needed Vitamin D.

Figure out how you work

Whether you need to write everything down, or you’re more of a visual worker, discovering a way to help you keep organised will help you calm down. Physically writing down your to do list, or scheduling tasks in your Google calendar will help you stay on top of your game and prevent you from forgetting even minor things.

Stay on top of your emails

We understand that staying on top of your emails can be difficult when you receive 100 plus a day, but nothing can compare to that feeling of an empty Inbox at the end of the day.

Because stress is one look that doesn’t look good on anyone.

Eat right and sleep well

We wouldn’t be lying when we say that the majority of us run off a caffeine heavy diet. To be honest, our brains don’t seem to function properly unless we have our 2 morning coffees (yep, you read the right 2). However, an over indulgence of caffeine can be linked to higher levels of anxiety. To balance this out, ensure you are eating a well-rounded diet and are getting plenty of sleep. You might even find that you only need one coffee in the morning.

Avoid a burn out

If you know you have a hectic week scheduled filled with deadlines and events, make sure you take the time to prepare and look after yourself. If you feel the inklings of stress deal with it before the break down occurs. Whether that’s recognising your time management is letting you down, or if arriving to work 10 minutes earlier well help limit your anxiety levels, identifying the stress before you feel the full impact of it will lessen its intensity.

Listen to feel good tracks

Music is incredible for its stress reducing qualities. Listening to uplifting music at work not only helps our moods, but even belting out a tune (or a subtle hum or foot tap) helps to eliminate pressure.