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Treat your skin from the inside out and outside in with House of Maxx.

Treat your skin from the inside out and outside in with House of Maxx.

Winter and dull skin tend to go hand in hand and the hundreds of half-used products filling our bathroom cabinets prove that we are always searching for that ultimate miracle. If you are not someone who treats your complexion regularly, you are due to be converted because your pre-winter regimen will thank you for it. Introducing House of Maxx, one of Melbourne’s leading skin clinics. With a belief that healthy skin comes from within, House of Maxx stands apart from many other clinics because of their strong network of support. By going back to basics of connection, they invest in their clients to ensure they're able to offer their expert advice across recipes and wellness plans.

The bustle of Melbourne will feel lightyears away when you step into the oasis that is House of Maxx. Found only a short drive south-east of the city in Armadale, the stylish and chic black and white interior is as effortless as it is cool. You will feel like you have stepped into a luxe heaven.

Treat your skin from the inside out and outside in with House of Maxx.

With their array of treatments available, the real showstopper is the focus on corneotherapy. This is where you can guarantee that you’re giving your complexion the attention it needs.

Corneotherapy is a relatively new approach to skincare that focuses on any problems apparent at the surface (such as redness or inflammation) that are caused by an immune response produced by deeper layers of skin. Because corneotherapy tackles the underlying cause by treating the outer layer, its practitioners refer to it as an “outside-in” therapy. Therapists work with your skin by treating it as an organ and providing the support it needs from the inside out.

With a strong belief that great skin comes from within, the clinic hosts a health and nutrition adviser on site who will analyse your diet and lifestyle to determine any internal aggravating factors. House of Maxx offers one hour long consultations with repeat visits (two hours total) that includes a detailed health history, analysis and wellness plan to help you reach your specific goals.

Treat your skin from the inside out and outside in with House of Maxx.

House of Maxx are also perfectionists when it comes to all things brows and lashes and offer many other treatments to help you feel your best. Bad brows be gone!

We all know about eating our way to better skin and really making sure we look after ourselves but sometimes we need that extra help. Give yourself permission to indulge and really treat yourself with the TLC your skin needs.

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Words: Jade Byers-Pointer