Hair removal 101: how to groom 'down there'

To shave, wax or laser, here's your guide to grooming downstairs.

The debate about whether to remove body hair from down there or to go all natural has been argued about for years. While it all comes down to personal preference, sometimes knowing the types of removal methods available can help you make a decision that best suits you.

From shaving, waxing and laser treatments, here’s the low down on everything hair removal for downstairs...


One of the most easily accessible methods of hair removal is by far shaving. However, while it is definitely one of the most inexpensive ways to remove body hair, it does require a fair amount of maintenance and some strategy with a razor.

How to: For the best results, give yourself a good trim with a pair of clean manicure scissors. Then hop in the shower, set the water to warm and soak the area. This softens the hair and will reduce any irritation. Then lather with shaving cream (be careful to keep this on the outside region), gently hold the skin taught and with a new razor begin shaving in the direction that the hair grows. While it is tempting to go in the opposite direction, this helps to prevent irritating razor burn. The best position to shave is to rest one leg on your bathtub while you go to town!

The pro’s: It’s an effective method that you can easily do yourself at home. Plus, you won’t feel awkward getting into position in front of a beautician.

The con’s: Just like your legs, your hair grows back quickly. Stubble can become itchy and maintenance can become annoying.

Top tip: To soothe and prevent razor burn, pop a clean damp face washer in the freezer and hold to your downstairs region after shaving.



Bikini and Brazilian waxing are one of the most popular methods to groom downstairs. The best option for this is to have it done in a salon. TBH, waxing yourself is a lot of commitment (and determination)! While it can be awkward to get into butterfly pose in front of a complete stranger, your beautician is sure to do this for countless of women on the daily. And the results are seriously amazing!

How to: Ensure your hair is at least a centimetre long and your downstairs area is clean before your appointment. Other than that, lay back and try to distract yourself throughout the treatment. Your beautician will do their best to make sure your mind is kept off the waxing and while it might be strange to a beginner to be asked what they do for work while a stranger waxes them downstairs, you’ll soon become used to it.

The pro’s: Never before will your skin be so silky smooth and the results last 3 to 6 weeks before your next appointment.

The con’s: At first waxing can be quite painful, but we guarantee over time you’ll get used to it. Upkeep and regular waxing can become quite expensive, but the results are well worth it.

Top tip: After getting waxed wear cotton underwear to ensure your region can breathe.


Laser Hair Removal

This method of hair removal has definitely risen in popularity over the past year. If you’re tired of the upkeep of shaving and waxing, this is definitely a method for you. Just like waxing, an experienced beautician uses specific lasers to remove unwanted body hair. The concentrated light is targeted on your hair follicles, leaving hair unable to grow back there. Plus, after a round of treatments results are permanent.

How to: While laser hair removal reduces hair growth, it cannot be used on long hair. The night before every treatment ensure you cleanly shave your downstairs region. After your laser treatment you’ll be advised to apply a certain after-care lotion to the area for a recommended amount of time.

The pro’s: After a course of laser treatments, regrowth in your downstairs region will be a thing of the past with hair removal results being permanent.

The con’s: At first the treatment can be quite uncomfortable, yet over time you do get used to the technique. While laser hair removal can be pricey, most clinics offer a range of packages at discount prices.

Top tip: You’ll be extra sensitive in that area after your treatment, so be sure to avoid hot showers for up to 24 hours after your appointment and any excessive sun exposure for two to three weeks after.