Hair looks that will sleigh at your Xmas work party

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Tis the season to be jolly and embrace all things merry, including your hair!

As we enter the festive season, the annual Christmas work party is fast approaching. Christmas time is already an expensive season, let alone adding an outfit, jewelry, make-up and hair to the list. Price Attack is here to help out your pockets (and hair) this season, by providing the latest tips and tricks for styles you can easily do at home.

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Here are 5 glamorous looks you can sleigh at your work Christmas party.

The Elegant Up-Do

Looking for an elegant and feminine look? Then the Elegant Up-Do is the perfect style for you. This hairdo can be done in so many ways, and is perfect for any style of hair (even with a fringe).

Simply wash and blow dry your hair with a round brush, to maximize volume. Here you have the option to either braid it back, or simply pull all your hair back to the low tape of your neck - this is generally easier when your hair is parted down the middle. Once braided or pulled back, either spin your hair around in a circular motion to create a bun or pull it into a neat half-bun or ponytail. This is also the perfect style to add flair with features (i.e. flowers, hair pieces, etc.).

Celebrity Style Side Bun

The Celebrity Style Side Bun is a popular look, and has been in the fashion books for decades. Despite its name, this sophisticated look is easy to replicate.

Firstly, wash and blow dry you hair to maximize volume. Full, amplified hair is the best way to ensure this side bun remains in place all night long. Secondly, pull your hair up into a high side pony and wrap your hair around the hair tie. Finally, pin your hair into place with clips, and if you’re feeling extra confident, pull out strands in the bun and curl them with a curling iron to give your hair extra dynamic.

Textured Low Pony

One of the easiest styles to do and pull off, the Textured Low Pony is adored in the hair-do department.

Simply use a straightener or curling iron to wave your hair away from your face, with the option of leaving your fringe or loose hairs framing the face. Once it’s waved in the one direction, pull it all away from your face and into a neat pony tail.

Whether you decide to curl or straighten the pony tail, this chic look suits almost any outfit or make-up look.

Classic Top Knot

Every lady (and the occasional gent) has utilized the classic top knot style. Whether you’ve popped it into a messy bun after a shower or as you’ve woken up, we assure you that this look can be catered to a night out.

The secret ingredient to this classic hairstyle is a hair donut! Pull your hair up into a neat high ponytail and pull the hair donut through, positioning it at the base of the pony. Once you’ve successfully found the perfect position for your bun, tease your hair to ensure the donut will be completely covered. Finally, wrap all your hair around the donut, pin it into place and smooth it out with your hands and additional hairspray.

We guarantee this look will emit confidence and flair.

Side-Sweep Glamour

Last, but definitely not least, is the Side Sweep Glamour. The key to accomplishing a pronounced, luscious side-sweep is to create vintage waves.

Essentially, you form a part down either the left or right side of your hair. The side parted with less hair is tucked behind the ear, and pinned at the nape of your neck to allow all your hair to fall over one shoulder gracefully. To ensure that this style stays in place, we recommend using loads of hairspray and hidden pins. Once it is all in place, use a curling iron or straightener to spiral your hair and ensure all curls are done in the same direction. Once you’ve finished curling brush the curls out to make thick, big waves and use a combination of your fingers and hairspray to position them around your face.

Whether it’s a white-tie event or cocktail evening, these styles radiate beauty and class while being super easy to achieve.

To ensure these looks remain steady and luscious in your hair all night long, Price Attack has a great range of styling products available.