Hair Flair

To achieve this look at home the best thing is to incorporate some smaller braids into your style.

Hair accessories are still having their case made for them. They are the perfect way to make a statement accompanied with the most simplest of hair styles. The newest of hair art to surface is Hair Sewing. This is when thread and/ or ribbon are sewn into the hair to add a different texture and dimension. It's a very effective technique where the rawness and imperfections of the hair is what results in a dramatic finish.

To the men, it is extremely clear that short back and sides with length on top is here to stay, with no sign of changing at all. Don't be discouraged though, there are ways to make you stand out from the others. Creating fades and weight lines with no perimeter and disconnection crafts a chic point of difference. Use your length on top to change your look, whether you channel the ever glam clean Gucci Boys or the tough Aussie Tradie, challenge yourself to achieve a different look for every occasion!

Your Homework... To PLAY.