Get Your Tasteful Sips & Stylish Tips from Cheveux Design and Espresso

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At first sight Cheveux Design and Espresso looks like a quirky espresso bar, but on inspection it triples as a boutique hair salon and consulting business. Run by Brisbane sisters Carla and Nadine Thurgate, who grew up in the New South Wales country town, Grafton, Cheveux Design and Espresso is set in a gorgeously renovated Queenslander finished to perfection with recycled hard wood timber.

Offering the boutique brew, Allpress Espresso, the espresso bar, also offers an all-day menu. This menu features local produce fruit toast with cinnamon, their popular ciabatta and avocado with the award-winning Barambah Organics feta, homemade banana or raspberry bread, kale and vegetable savoury muffin and crunchy museli slice - perfect for a mid-morning snack!

Running the espresso bar and her human resources consultancy and life coaching agency, Frominsideout Consultancy, Carla has combined her passion, experience and skills to create a boutique, one-of-a-kind offering with her sister, Nadine.

Get Your Tasteful Sips & Stylish Tips from Cheveux Design and Espresso

As a hair professional with over 15 years of industry experience, Nadine heads the salon. The salon uses Kevin Murphy products, which are touted as the ‘skincare for hair’, with its high quality and use of natural ingredients.

We sat down with the founding sisters to gain an insight into their journey and business aspirations.

What was your inspiration to pursue your dreams?

We both had a vision for creating a combination business that we could build from the ground up, whilst still being original.

N: With over 15 years of hair styling experience, it was time to take my career to the next level and open my own salon.

C: I made the decision to create my own safety net a year and a half ago, moving from the corporate sector to small business, ensuring that I meet my own personal goals whilst helping each and every client better them, or their business.

How did you come up the unique concept of combining a hair salon with an espresso bar?

An espresso bar and hair salon seemed complimentary. When we found the cottage in Auchenflower, we were convinced that the two were the right fit.

Get Your Tasteful Sips & Stylish Tips from Cheveux Design and Espresso

What piece of advice would you give to those who want to open their own business and follow their passion?

N: Lose your fear. Fear holds you back from achieving your goals. It is scary, but you just have to make it work with a clear vision and goals.

C: Owning your own business is hard work. You are faced with challenges on a daily basis. Work on your resilience. You have to believe in yourself, get excited and continue working harder every day.

Whether you need a caffeine hit, a healthy snack, a hair pick-me-up, or some business and life advice to set you straight on your path, the Cheveux Design and Espresso girls have well and truly got you covered.

The Details:
37A Bangalla Stree, Auchenflower
Salon: Open Tues/Thurs 9am to 8pm, Wed/Fri 9am to 5pm, Sat 8am to 3pm.
Espresso Bar: Open Tues - Sat 7am to 1:30pm, Sun 7:30 to 11am.

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Images courtesy of Elouse Van Riet-Gray.