Get Lily Cole's Hair Look | Relaxed Curls in 10 Easy Steps

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Thanks to Mary Alamine, Creative Director of Royals Hair & Beauty and VS Sassoon's Guest Artist, she shares her advice to achieving relaxed curls inspired by Lily Cole. In 10 easy steps using their star product, VS Sassoon Secret Curl silicone pop up rollers you can have gorgeous curls in no time.

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Step 1: Prep the hair using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

Step 2: On towel-dried hair, apply a volumising spray to the roots and a smoothing cream to the mid-length & ends.

Step 3: Blow dry the hair using a large round bristle brush to smooth over the cuticle and to add volume and bounce to the hair.

Step 4: Once the hair is dried, take a horse-shoe section on the top just above the ears and clip away from the face.

Step 5: Starting at the bottom take a section of hair no more than 2cm thick and wind the hair vertically toward the face using the VS Sassoon Secret Curl silicone pop up rollers. Use one of the smaller rollers (they come in two sizes), and stop about 4-5cm away from the scalp. Once the hair is wound just 'pop' the roller into place. These clipless rollers leave your hair free from creases and seams for beautifully smooth on-trend curls.

Get Lily Cole's Hair Look | Relaxed Curls in 10 Easy Steps

Step 6: Follow this step all the way around remembering to go the opposite way on the other side so you are winding towards the face.

Step 7: When starting the top section, part down the middle or where you would like the hair to sit and wind the hair around the Secret Curl roller vertically towards the face maintaining a distance of 4-5cms away from the scalp.

Step 8: Once the hair has curled, release the rollers.

Step 9: Starting at the back, brush out the curls using a smoothing brush to achieve that soft curl.

Step 10: To finish, work a smoothing serum into the hair from mid-lengths to ends and follow with a medium hold hairspray which will give slight hold yet still allow movement.

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*In addition to being Creative Director of Royals Hair & Beauty, Mary Alamine is one of Australia's most in-demand session stylists regularly working on headline events, fashion shows, shoots, TV shows and more. In 2015, Mary won the HOT SHOTS Rising Star Female award in addition to being a Finalist in the 2015 AHFAs (NSW Hairdresser Of The Year category) and the 2015 AHIAs for Salon Director Of The Year and State Salon Business of the Year (NSW/ACT).