Fitspo: FK those extra KGs with FitazFK

Are you ready to get your booty into gear?

“The best way to keep yourself on track is to not give yourself any other option!” say Aaron McAllister and Georgio Batsinillas when we ask how to stay motivated on our fitness journeys. This attitude is why we love FitazFK, the former athletes’ Insta-business. In 2015 the duo brought us Fitaz, a program consisting of a 28-minute workout for 28 days. Now, to help you get back into fitness mode and blitz your 2017 goals, they have launched FitazFK. This is an eight-week guide complete with diet plans, nutrition information and workouts to tackle health and fitness from every angle.

One of these angles is keeping motivated. This can become especially tough in the colder months, as we turn to comfort food on the couch instead of a sweat session. For this reason, FitazFK informs customers of healthy versions of their favourite guilty pleasure foods, such as potato bake and mac and cheese. If that’s not reason enough to jump on board, what is? And as for how to get moving on a chilly afternoon when you’ve had a long day at the office, McAllister and Batsinillas suggest keeping in mind how you’ll feel once you’ve reached your fitness aim.

Are you ready to get your booty into gear?

“On the days you really just don’t feel like training, revise your goals and remember why you train. What is the end goal? How will you feel when you achieve your goal? Visualise what it will look like and how you will feel. If all else fails, try having a green tea or a coffee and get out there! Like Nike says, just do it!” say McAllister and Batsinillas.

If you’ve ever been guilty of using your busy life as an excuse to neglect your fitness, FitazFK will solve that problem too. The eight-week guide still uses the 28-minute workouts popularised by the 28-day guide. All you need to do is dedicate less than thirty minutes per day to a solid, sweat-inducing exercise session. That’s pretty achievable, even for the busiest amongst us!

What better way to make it through the cold months than nourishing your body with delicious, healthy meals and warming up with a great workout? Kick your fitness goals, stay healthy during flu season, and as McAllister and Batsinillas say, “Make fitness a lifestyle without any obstacles.”

The new FitazFK 8 Week Guide is available online for $44 USD (approx. $57 AUD) for a limited time only. The guide is currently being used by global influencers such as Bianca Booth, Sabo Skirt founders Thessy & Yiota, and The Bachelor's Noni Janur.


Hanna Sloan is studying a Creative and Professional Writing degree at QUT. She grew up wanting to be either a writer or a professional dancer, or both. Nothing has changed. She is passionate about performance, fashion, and social progress, and is a confirmed #NastyWoman. Hanna is the proud curator of a shoe collection surpassing sixty pairs, and always thought Andie Anderson in 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' was crazy for not wanting to write about shoes for a living. In her spare time Hanna can be found devouring a book or magazine, watching 'Friends' or asking her parents for Snapchats of the family’s two beagles.