Find Your Fragrance at Libertine Parfumerie

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Nick Smart gave Fashion Weekly his top four tips to finding your fragrance.

"When choosing a scent, go and see someone you can trust who is educated in fragrance and sells it, because they are passionate about it."

"They will be able to use your fragrance history as well as genetic features to assist in determining which notes are compatible with you and ultimately find a scent for you which you love. "

Find Your Fragrance

  1. Sample fragrances directly onto your skin to be sure it is the right scent for you as they smell differently on person to person due to various skin chemistries.
  2. Wear a fragrance that matches your skin chemistry and aroma of your body as perfume is meant to boost your individual qualities.
  3. For people with dry skin wear something richer and heavier bodied than you normally would as the oil in your skin or lace thereof can boost or reduce the scent.
  4. Wear a fragrance that you love - it makes a statement about your individuality.

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It Makes Perfect Scents at Libertine Parfumerie

It Makes Perfect Scents at Libertine Parfumerie