Feather Brows: The internet’s new trend sensation

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I don't know about you, but I religiously see a brow technician every 3 weeks for maintenance and God-given tinting. As a product of the 90s and early 2000s I was among the many whose brows were sabotaged by over plucking.

As of late, we've seen many different brow trends come and go. Last year alone there was glitter brows and bleached brows. Neither of which I was very fussed about. Now instead of playing with colour, the Internet has decided that Feather Brows is the latest trend to takeover our feeds.

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Honestly, I hate this trend. Even though I didn't try the other fads, I knew I could still achieve them because they were simple. Replace my dark tint for bleach or dust on some glitter and voila! I’m on trend. But this bird inspired style is outrageous. Why, because it just makes me and my brows feel like sh#t.

Did anyone ever think that you need a certain amount of hair thickness to be able to part the brows in two separate lines? The other issue is they’ve forgotten that the entire populations hair doesn’t grow straight or upwards. Many, like me, have hairs that grow downwards. Meaning, I need to use a brow gel daily to maintain control of my strays.

So on that note, instead of celebrating this trend like everyone else. I'm calling it out for what it is: brow-time wasting for over achievers, brow shaming for petite and sparse brows and lastly, brow stereotyping because not all hairs grow in the same direction.

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If you agree, then join me as we scroll through the below brow feathering posts and reflect on its ridiculousness. Then at the end, let’s take a moment for all the brows that were affected, trimmed, waxed, plucked or damaged during the makings of feather brows.


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