Fashion Weekly Talks | Lores Giglio

Consumers then pick up on these trends and adapt them to their own looks or even hairdressers or make-up artists take influence for their own purpose.

What was/is it like to work in a backstage environment for X Factor?

Backstage is always fun and hectic at the same time, whether you are working on fashion shows or on live TV. It brings an intensity to your work, so not only do you need to deliver amazing hair, you need to deliver it on time! There are so many elements that bring a show to life. With X Factor, I'm working on the live shows, so you have to be super organised and just get it done. Then there is the pressure of managing a team backstage. You have the added responsibility of making sure your team is on schedule and all is running smoothly - as you are not capable of doing it all by yourself! Then there is the creative element. We can't always do what we want as stylists. We have to work together with [the] creative and production [team] and come to an agreement on the final look. There are so many layers to deal with but it's all very exciting.

How different are onstage hair creations to salon styles?

It doesn't matter what stage you are working on, whether its a musical, TV or runway show, you tend to make the hair larger than life. But this can always be translated into the everyday in some way. I always say you can take a look from the stage, just shrink it and bring it back into the salon - and vice versa.

We heard you were responsible for Dami Im's makeover?

Yes I was. Cutting and colouring Dami's hair was so much fun and we've had such an amazing response. The long concave bob with a blunt fringe is simple but effective and beautiful. It truly suits her face and style. And for that beautiful shine you see all the time, I use muk Spa Argan Oil Shine Spray which really enhances her style and makes the hair feel and look luscious.

Can you predict what some of the prominent hairstyles will be for Spring/Summer?

2103 has definitely been the year of the redhead and this colour trend is just growing. But moving into Spring/Summer I'm suggesting more copper and cinnamon tones to suit the warmer months and create more of a summer, beachy feel. The LOB - long bob - is a strong style trend too, much like Dami Im. It's a heavier shape, but I add a slight softness to the edge and leave the fringe heavier. For men, simplicity is key. What's hot right now is really short sides and clippered to zero close to the scalp, with hair longer on the top (with a gradual fade so it's not so obvious) and a side part. Very mad men!

What are clients looking for this season?

I think most clients are still looking for the relaxed, easier to maintain styles and colours. Life is so busy, you just want a style that can be managed and maintained on a regular basis and doesn't take too long in the morning!

Which muk products are the industry favourites?

From my experience and talking to the muk team regularly, their Hard muk Styling Mud (the product they launched with) is a cult favourite for shorter styles - especially amongst the guys! Most guys I know use a muk styling paste.

The Beach muk Sea Salt Spray is one of my favourites and a hit also amongst hairdressers and consumers who want that 'just from the beach look'. Perfect for this time of year. Their Deep muk 1 Minute Treatment is an absolute must for people on the go who want an intense, quick treatment and also my favourite, their new muk Spa Argan Oil range which is 100% free of minerals, sulphates, parabens, phosphates, mineral oils and contains no added sodium chloride. This range is hitting the right cord with those consumers looking for a more natural alternative.

Can you suggest the best go-to hairstyles for women on the run?

Women on the run need a versatile hairstyle that is easy to manage. Natural waves are great and when you have a good haircut it makes drying hair naturally easy. That beachy wavey texture with balliage colour is an easy style and colour to maintain.

What's next for Lores and the muk Haircare brand?

Next on our agenda is the opportunity for us to share our experiences together to inspire the industry and consumers at home, through a series of workshops for the industry. And a new photographic campaign for the brand which is really exciting! It's going to be a busy end to the year!