Fashion Weekly Talks | Alex PF Jackson

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Coming from the far North Coast I never even thought about being a hairdresser until I came to Sydney when I was 20. Before that I was going to be a cattle farmer. I had one friend in Sydney who I meet at a Scout Jamboree in 1998 and his mother said I would make a good hairdresser and 20 years later, I am still going strong!

If you could cut anyone's hair who would it be and why?

I would love to cut Vivian Westwood's hair. I think she would give me the freedom and opportunity to be creative with the style, including the colour!

Whats the strangest place you've ever cut hair?

I have cut many of my clients' hair in their bathrooms but the strangest place was in the middle of a park at sun rise in San Francisco. The person whose hair I cut was someone I had met in a club that night and we just got talking about hair and the next thing you know I was cutting and styling his hair!

Whats the secret to a good hair cut?

The secret is cutting a basic shape, blow drying it then texturising the cut in the appropriate areas with a method called 'Slicing'. This gives you a variety of lengths thus reducing bulk or fullness.

Alex PF Jackson

Tell us one of your tricks of the trade?

Always cut fringes dry so you get the natural fall of the hair without the weight of the water.

What is your can't live without hair products?

I stock a range of La Biosthetiuqe products and these are some of my favourites....
Serum Antifrizz which has UV filters and helps smooth troubled mid lengths and ends.
Volume Powder. This is a must for anyone that is after volume that needs to be light and not sticky.

What was the biggest risk you have ever taken?

Sky diving over the Bay of Islands in New Zealand in 2010.

Do you have a Quote you live by?

I live by two, they are:
"Never be rude first"
"The natural lip-line is only a guideline"

In the hairdressing world, who do you look up to?

Sharon Blain would be my first pick. She is one of Australia's leading hair educators who has won many Australian and International hair awards. She is innovative, creative and inspires me on so many levels within styling and dressing hair. She is simply amazing.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to watch Youtube and look at tumbler to get inspired for new creative ideas. Other than this, I love socialising with my friends and love spending time cooking and gardening. I even grow my own vegetables.

Alex PF Jackson

Is there a moment, (good or bad) which has pushed you towards success?

Being involved with X factor in 2011 working on period styling with the talent which included Samantha Jade and Jason Owen. That was so much fun.

Have you ever wanted to give up?

I never wanted or needed to give up, however, I have relocated to other cites to re-train myself in Costume, Fashion and Millenary which has added to my skill set. Now I'm able to provide so much more to my clients.

How do you keep moving forward?

Moving forward is just like putting my best leg first. I surround myself with innovative and creative people. I consistently get involved in other creative projects. I'm always looking for something more to expand on all of my skills.

What is next for you?

At the moment I'm collaborating with an up and coming play writer and director Duncan Maurice. I work with him to create hair designs, makeup and costumes for his productions. This is giving me an opportunity to be creative on all levels. I also translate this into a client related experience keeping them engaged in my creative direction.