Endurance hero: Bec Wilcock talks booty & fitness

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Ultimate fitness guru, Bec Wilcock has shared with us some key tips to kick starting a fitness change along with how to live healthy, lean and fit. She's also revealed the best exercises for killer abs, a toned booty and more.

Ultimate fitness guru, Bec Wilcock has shared with us some key tips to kick starting a fitness change along with how to live healthy, lean and fit. She's also revealed the best exercises for killer abs, a toned booty and more.

Are you ready to be on your way to happy, healthier you? Then keep reading because this interview is for you!

Summer is fast approaching and many of us are trying to find ways to shed a few winter kilos. What would be your top tip to kick starting a fitness routine?

BW: Firstly, don’t give into fad diets! When humans restrict themselves of food it makes us think we deserve reward - which creates binging habits. People need to educate themselves on nutrition and choose to live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. If you’re unsure what your body needs, see a professional nutritionist or naturopath for more information and develop a program that is specifically structured towards your personal needs.

Also, find out what motivates you and don’t be too hard on yourself. Summer bodies don’t happen overnight – they take effort, consistency and sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Do you have any tips or tricks to living healthy, lean and fit?

  1. Cook your own meals so you know what's in them..
  2. Stay hydrated. Take note on how much water you consume throughout the day.
  3. Keep your saturated fats consumption low.
  4. Aim for a well-balanced diet.
  5. Be prepared for the week so you don't impulse buy your food. Preparation is key!
  6. Eat smaller portions but more often. I like to eat 5-6 small meals a day , this helps me not to over eat because I know I will eat again in the next 2-3 hours.
  7. Try recording your food (diary or app) to learn how many calories you are consuming in a day.
  8. Boost your incidental exercise! Take the stairs whenever you can, go for a walking meeting and catch up with a friend over a gym class.

What is the most common workout mistake you think our readers should avoid?

BW: Bad technique! This causes injuries and reduces the benefits of your workout. You can avoid this by asking for help when you’re not 100% sure on what muscles you’re meant to be working and /or what the movement actually is… Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

You are the Blackmores Ambassador for this year's Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. Why are you excited to be involved?

BW: Having participated in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival for the past 5 years, I am thrilled to be an ambassador for this year’s event! What I love the most about the festival is the energy of a whole community coming together and using exercise as a way to help people. By running you are not only helping yourself by getting fit – you’re helping other people by raising money. Plus, when else do you get to run over the Harbour Bridge without traffic?!

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival ambassador, Bec Wilcock says you should avoid this common workout mistakes and start these good habits so you can be on your way to becoming a better you.

What's your top tip to becoming a better you?

BW: Believe in yourself, try new things and don’t let fear stop you!

Best exercises for a toned booty?

BW: Weighted reverse lunge with weight, single leg squats and a dumbbell step up with knee drive.

Best exercises for a flat stomach?

BW: V snaps! Killer ab workout.

Fat or sugar, in your opinion what's worse?

BW: Sugar!! It’s addictive.

What is your workout tip for pushing yourself on days when you don't feel like training?

  • BW: I constantly remind myself of 'why I started' training. I'm hard on myself when I want to improve and I reward myself when I make gains.
  • Resist the temptation to hit the snooze button! I wake up to my DOUBLE alarm (3 minutes apart) every morning without the second option of drifting back to sleep. 
  • Having an awesome playlist really helps on my tough days. Check out what I’m currently listening to here.
  • If I have a big session coming up I take the Blackmores Rapi-Melt which gives me a boost of vitamin B12 to combat figure and tiredness.
  • If I don’t have the energy to push myself as hard as I’d like to, I’ll find a training buddy to drag along on a few sessions.

Why do you think today’s society scrolls through the many motivational pictures on social media, but fails to take action?

BW: Because they can’t stop scrolling! Haha (half true).

Getting started is the hardest part of training. Even if you’re feeling motivated and inspired by others, you could still be confused on where the right place to start is!? This stops you from taking action on your initial motivation thoughts.

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