Dramatised Eyes

Floating Colour Line

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When a certain trend becomes the signature of Michael Kor’s 2013 spring collection, jump the bandwagon as this look is guaranteed to be huge. Floating Colour Line, perfected by makeup artist Dick Page, emphasizes a thick line of coloured eyeliner, which as its name suggests, floats above the eyelid. Striking shades of turquoise blue and jungle green were the popular colours of choice for this key look.

 Favourite Product

We at Fashion Weekly simply love the Napoleon Perdis range of China Doll Gel Eyeliners in the Teal hue, $32.00. The gel formula means this product glides onDRAMA12 effortlessly, dries instantaneously and has long lasting results. Apply using a defining eyeliner/lip brush like Napoleon’s 2h Fine Line Sable Brush, $25.00. As a final touch, seal this product using Napoleon’s waterproof Cake Eyeliner Sealer, $22.00 to minimise any smudging or runs.

Technicolour Lids


While most believe ombre to be a prevailing hair trend, Peter Som brings new meaning to the term with his technicolour eye shadow trend. In his 2013 collection he replicates the increasingly popular hair trend by mixing three different coloured MAC eye shadows. Starting with a light yellow across the lash line, a second contrasting colour is then blended across the eyelid. A selection of pinks, blues, oranges and greens were the featured colours this season. Finally a darker shade of the same colour featured on the lid is blended just under the brow to create the “ombre” look.

Beauty Tip


Recreate this look using Brilliantly Lit and Dynamo ($35.00 pp), two shades from MAC’s Electric Cool Eye Shadow range that are similar hues to what was used in Peter Som’s spring collection. Experiment away, but don’t be surprised if you are suddenly mistaken for one of the models.

Neon Lashes


If there’s one beauty trend to master this spring, it is definitely the art of applying false lashes. Being highly flirty in nature, a colourful set of faux lashes is the perfect solution to enhancing the eyes. Temporary lashes prove to be both cost effective and a safe alternative to protecting natural lashes and is increasing in trend.

Favourite Product

Napoleon’s Bird of Paradise lashes ($22.00) have been featured in our seasonal photo-shoot, Forgotten in Wonderland. The combination of colours has an alluring effect, with electric blue and neon pink shades envisioning a fun and flirty spirit.  These lashes are reusable and include a tube of lash glue, which is applied at the base of the eyelash strip and pressed onto the natural lash line.  The removal of these lashes is easy and pain-free, as they are simply peeled back from the lash line. As a general beauty tip, the Mecca Maxima Wintergarden store also offers an extensive range of reusable statement eyelashes in a variety of styles and colours.

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