Dermapen | The Good and the Ugly

If you're concerned about how thousands of needle pricks are going to feel, don't worry – so was I! The great news is that a numbing cream is applied 20 mins prior, so you won't feel a thing. I can only describe the actual feeling of the pen as a slight vibration on my face. Brenda applied a hyaluronic acid serum before starting to ensure maximum moisture levels in the skin, and to keep the surface smooth as she worked.

It was all over in about 5 mins, and I looked a little pink in areas, not too shabby! Note: It took about an hour to feel my face again.

The next day, I had some more redness, mostly on the areas where the bone is closer to the surface, like cheekbones and forehead, but nothing too intense. I added sunblock and went about my day.


Day two was a little more unexpected. Although I knew there would be swelling after using the Dermapen, I wasn't prepared for it, and I promptly called in sick to work. My eyes were puffy and a little dark underneath and I had small swellings and redness not unlike mosquito bites all over but concentrated on cheeks and forehead. I put a cold compress on it, and religiously used my Beaute Pacifique aftercare products; a hydrating mask and Crème Metamorphique as well as my beloved Clinique Moisture Surge spray.

Day three was like day two, but my skin was getting a little itchy. This is simply the healing starting, so I wasn't too concerned. The redness had gone down a lot and I just had a bit of roughness. I popped into work, and everyone commented that I looked like I'd walked into a door!

Day four, and I was looking somewhat normal again! The swelling was gone, the redness was minor, however the roughness remained for another day.

All in all, it took about 7 days to completely heal from this, although I know some people will recover in much less – everyone is different, so don't be discouraged.

The Verdict?

Yes, I'd do this again – in just one treatment my forehead is smoother (I had some small ice pick scars from my teen years) and the surgery scar on my nose is noticeably flatter. My pores seem smoother and looking at my before pic, it does show. Results depend on your skin concerns, and I know I'll need one or two more treatments to get the best results.

I credit the great first time result on Brenda's skill, and her insistence I use Beaute Pacifique after my dermapen treatment.

Must Do:

Use sunscreen like a crazy person if going outdoors (you should be anyway!)

Keep moisture levels up, I drank a lot of water, used a cold compress and made sure I spritzed my face often.

Use the aftercare products your therapist recommends

Take an anti-histamine (get a pharmacist or doctors advice) if the itching is too much
Be happy! It's all worth it once you're healed up!

Enjoy your fresher appearance.

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