Crowning Glory

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What inspires you?

For me, inspiration for hair doesn't necessarily come exclusively from hair and fashion. I get more creative ideas from being outdoors. Seeing colours in the sky at sunset or dawn inspire me to create a fresh colour palette, or the angles in clever architecture inspire the sectioning for new and different haircuts.


Which iconic hairstyles do you love?

My absolute favourite iconic hairstyle is a solid chin-length bob with a heavy fringe. This haircut is timeless and it's such a strong statement for any woman. I'm also quite fond of huge, bouncy hair made famous by Victoria's Secret, and my client Liz Cantor also loves this look which she can take from the office to a night out!

What is your favourite kind of hair to work with?

It would have to be Men's hair. I love cutting hair using the natural texture and face shape to create a style which is unique in its simplicity. Creating strong masculine shapes which are simple by design really resonates with me.

What is your favourite hair look?

My favourite hair look changes on a weekly if not daily basis. I'm surrounded by hair all the time so it would be very boring if my favourites stayed the same. At the moment I'm getting excited by messy, almost deconstructed buns on women and super short, tailored hairlines and parts shaved in for men.

What are your favourite hair products?

I'm obsessed with American Crew. The range is highly evocative and indicative of what's cool for men. The range is straight to the point with no silly gimmicks. I love mixing different products together to come up with something new. My favourite combination at the moment is using Boost Powder on the roots of dry hair and finishing the ends with a dot of Forming Cream.


Which styling tools do you use most often?

My H2D rarely leaves my side. I've always preferred using tongs over a straightening iron to create movement, and with the H2D the interchangeable barrel sizes and the lack of clamp make it uber versatile and suitable for almost any application that involves creating curl or movement in the hair.

What are some good tips for young people trying to break into the industry?

There is no substitute for salon floor experience when starting in the hair industry. Be prepared to work long hours and to never stop learning. Great apprentices are the ones that have the foresight to see what needs to be done before being asked to do it.

How do you feel hair relates to personal style?

Hair is the embodiment of someone's personal style. You can determine someone's personal style based purely on their hairstyle. It's a privilege to be able to create this on a day-to-day basis and influence the way people view themselves.

What are some hair styling "don'ts"?

For Men: Don't put hair product into wet hair. Take the time to dry it properly and then apply the hair product your stylist has suggested. For women: When you're blow-drying your hair, make sure you take out 80% of the moisture before using a brush. Brushes no matter the type whether round, paddle, bristle or Denman are for smoothing hair out not drying it off.

What should we expect of you in the near future?

Lots of work!! Winning the AHFA's Men's Hairdresser of the Year award will hopefully open new doors for me and I'm excited about making the most of those opportunities.

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