Crazy Celebrity Weight-Loss Diets


What do you see when you look at a jar of baby food on the shelf? If you’re like us at Costhetics, you see unappetising puree of strangely coloured “mystery food.” If you’re a Hollywood celebrity or international singing sensation, however, you may see a quick and easy way to lose weight.

The baby food diet is just one of the mad fads that A-listers are using to get runway-ready in just seven days. Here’s the scoop...

Can You Take 2 Baby Steps & Lose 3 Kilograms in One Week?

Head-turner Jennifer Aniston, she of the sleek body and enviable tresses, is the most recent celebrity to talk about the baby food diet. She joins Lady Gaga, Madonna and other figure-focused stars who keep their weight in check with a week-long devotion to this two-step plan:

  • Step 1: Meal Replacement – Instead of breakfast and lunch, dieters eat 14 servings of pureed baby food (about 1000 calories worth).
  • Step 2: Dine Lean – Dieters eat an evening meal that centres around high-nutrition vegetables and holds back on fatty meat.

Simple, yes...but it is effective? That depends on who you ask. Anniston says the diet helped her drop seven pounds in quick order to prepare for filming a new movie. It’s easy on the digestive track and can serve as a cleanse.

On the other hand, baby food lacks the adult RDA for nutrition, including dietary fibre and fat, essentially starving the body for a week. This lack is one of the reasons that The British Dietetic Association ranked the baby food diet as one of the five worst fad diets out there.

Hall of Fame: 6 Wacky Celebrity Diets

Celebrities are notorious for the lengths they go to in order to drop weight.

  1. Anne Hathaway’s Oatmeal Paste Diet – Anne Hathaway ate nothing but two squares of dried oatmeal paste in order to lose 15 lbs. “The idea was to look near death,” she said of her decision to “starve herself” (under doctor’s supervision) for her role in Les Miserables.
  2. Liz Hurley’s Watercress Soup Diet – Liz Hurley has been linked to odd men and odd diets, since she retreated to Elton John’s house and ate nothing but oatcakes to lose her baby weight. More recently, she admits to drinking six cups of watercress soup a day when she wants to lose a few pounds.
  3. Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Lemon Diet – Losing 20 pounds in 14 days made Beyonce Knowles a true believer in the power of lemon juice. The leggy songbird sips a lemonade made with purified water, lemon juice, dark maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.
  4. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Fat-Slaying Cabbage Soup Diet – To keep in top vampire-slaying shape, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar sometimes relies on a diet of unlimited cabbage soup plus a limited amount of low-cal fruits and veggies.
  5. Brook Shields Grapefruit Diet – It’s not easy to be in the public eye your whole life, but Brooke Shields is still looking good. The actress and former Calvin Klein model eats half a grapefruit before every meal.
  6. Christina Aguilera’s Seven-Day Colour Diet – Can’t be bothered reading complicated diet plans? With this approach, you simply eat foods of a different colour on each day of the week. Red foods on Monday, white foods on Tuesday, green foods on Friday.

Is everyone in Hollywood diet-obsessed? Not in the least. Then there’s Jennifer Lawrence who achieved iconic status as the famished star of “The Hunger Games.” She has vowed never to lose weight for a role.

It takes all kinds!

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