Are flawless selfies portraying the right message?


With iPhone and Android cameras improving every day, it’s clear that selfies are here to stay. To help us get the best out of our devices, there are literally hundreds of selfie apps to aid in:

• Taking selfies
• Editing selfies
• Sharing selfies

In the selfie-driven world of celebrities , the ultimate app is one that you can use to tweak portraits of your face so the images you upload are flawless. Costhetics, Australia’s premiere online resource for information about cosmetic surgery and aesthetic enhancement, recently took a snapshot of what’s happening online in Hollywood.

The App Kim Kardashian Uses to Look Selfie-Perfect from Every Angle

“If Kim Kardashian is using it, everyone wants it,” reports Louisa McKay, the managing director at Costhetics. “Perfect365 is a perfect example.”

"Kim and all the Kardashians use the app Perfect365 to touch up their photos before they post them on social media. (They) have gotten all of their friends into it." – Us Magazine

Touting over 60 million users, Perfect365 is loaded with nearly two dozen make-up tools. You can snap, refine, and then share your selfies, experimenting with the hottest styles and newest trends in tweaking:

• Obliterate skin imperfections
• Whiten teeth
• Sculpt brows
• Add lip gloss
• Add eyeliner
• Add glow to dry complexion

These on-the-spot makeover tricks provide instant enhancement. That’s essential when you’re a star like Kim Kardashian who has to work hard to feed her hungry social media machine. Kardashian has 27 million followers on Instagram alone and uploads new images hundreds of time each day. Each spontaneous image is carefully messaged before going live to her fans.

For users whose retouching skills are not as advanced as Kardashian’s, Perfect365 also has pre-set makeup templates that provide an instant makeover. You can save your customisations to make it even easier to re-touch selfies in the future.

Cost: FREE (iOS and Android).

Top 3 Portrait Editing iPhone Apps for 2015

Once upon a time, only professionals had the tools and skills to enhance pictures. Those days are so over! 21st Century photo-tweaking apps can turn anyone into a master retoucher who can give selfie portraits an instant digital makeover.

These apps are ideal for anyone who hasn’t yet mastered Photoshop or doesn’t want to invest in expensive photo-editing software. At the moment they are only available for iPhones.

• FaceTune – The #1 photo app in 127 countries and a favourite of folks with acne. It has great share options, linking you to top sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. Cost: $2.99

• Pixtr – Like having your own personal retoucher, the app automatically detects what needs to be corrected. Special bonus: Pixtr links to Facebook and allows you to upload your re-touched photo directly from your app. Cost: FREE

• Photo Makeover – Turn that frown upside down and change other expressions with this app. You can also use it to make other adjustments to the face, including adding symmetry, just like a facelift! Cost: $0.99

3 Apps for Editing Selfies on an Android Phone

Take heart, Android fans. Though offering limited functionality compared to their iOS cousins, these apps are Android-friendly and FREE, too.

• Beauty Camera – Your new BFF if you have skin discolouration. This app smooths out skin tone and removes dark spots. It works with new photos and ones already stored on your camera.

• Visage Lab – The automatic retouching may not be as subtle as you’d like, but it’s great for removing wrinkles. It also offers email and direct upload options for easy sharing.

• Pimple Remover Photo Retouch – Simply highlight the areas where blemishes appear, and this app will give a beautiful complexion without laser skin resurfacing.

How to Raise Self(ie) Esteem

Selfies may come and go instantly on Snapchat, but elsewhere on the Internet they can live forever. What’s exciting about portrait-editing apps is that they allow you to create a great photograph that you’ll always enjoy seeing. It’s what magazine editors do every day.

There’s no reason to let an imperfection like a sunspot, a bad hair day, or an acne flare-up spoil an otherwise wonderful selfie. So grab one of the new apps and make yourself memorable. Then share your face with the world.

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Top 3 Portrait-Editing iPhone Apps for 2015