Bye Bye Botox

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Questions are raised regarding the safety of Botox as it is not yet possible to control where in the system the toxins travel.

A safe and new product has hit the market which offers the no needle approach to anti-aging injections.

IONOTOX Microcurrent patches

IONOTOX Microcurrent patches, new electric skin patches, which can inject safe, yet effective wrinkle relaxing neuro-peptides into the skin has experts predicting that many Botox devotees will jump ship and opt for a pain free way to stop visible skin aging. The 20 minute patch treatment, which provides both instant and lasting results, is painfree and can be applied safely at home.

IONOTOX Microcurrent patches by freezeframe, are the very latest development in high tech beauty trends, delivering potent skincare actives into the skin via an electrical current rather than a needle.

IONOTOX Microcurrent patches

"People will always be searching for ways to look younger, but can be hesitant to explore invasive options due to a fear of needles. We have developed a perfectly comfortable and affordable alternative with the patches giving astonishing and lasting results," says Self Care Corporation CEO, Sonia Amoroso, an award winning beauty entrepreneur and Founder of the freezeframe brand.

After 1 treatment, some women will look as much as 10 years younger. After 4 treatments every sign of aging in the treatment area will be dramatically diminished, for anti-aging results that last. The patches can be applied to the eye contour area and nasolabial folds, with the 3V batteries activating on contact with the skin.

IONOTOX by freezeframe will be available from Myer, Priceline, My Chemist, Chemist Warehouse, Good Price and leading pharmacies, from March 30. RRP$99 (4 patch treatment sets + Advanced Serum Repair per pack). For further information please visit: www.freeze-frame.