Bun N Bangs

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“Carly’s long, thick 60’s influenced bangs are hot at the moment. It’s all about going wide and framing the face. She has combined this with a more grown up, slightly disheveled low bun. It’s a look that appeals to a young as well as a more sophisticated audience…that’s why this style also works in real life!”

Eric kindly shared steps for recreating this winning look at home using the VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000.

How to:


Step 1.

Wash and condition hair as usual. When hair is still wet apply a small amount of Frederic Fekkai Technician Luscious Curl to the back section of your hair. This will help give body to hair and make curling easier. Leave out the bangs.

Step 2.

Towel dry hair to remove 80% of the moisture.

Step 3.

Starting with the bangs, place the VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 with the smaller brush attachment close to your forehead, wrapping hair over and around it. Turn on the motor and gently pull hair taut for smooth, high volume straightening.

The rotating motorised brush combined with the 1000 watt hair dryer allows the large ceramic barrel to create fullness and body as you style whilst the soft bristles create ultimate shine and smoothness.

Step 4.

Then using the larger brush attachment place the Big Hair Styler under the crown section of your hair, stwitch on and blow dry in the opposite direction, lifting your hair up and away from your face. Pull up as you go to create height and volume at the root, then release pressure and rotate hand to keep hair slightly curly at the ends.

Step 5.

Divide remaining hair into 4 sections and loosely blow dry hair, remember to keep hair loose and not too straight.

Step 6.

Add the crisp curl. Wrap all hair (except for bangs) around a medium sized curling iron. Try the VS Sassoon25mm Instant Heat Ceramic Curler. It will do the job nicely. Hold each section around the barrel for 5 seconds for a light curl.

Step 7.

Once the entire head is curled, run your fingers through it upside down to break up curls. Pull hair back at the nape of the neck into a low section without creating a pony tale. Manipulate hair, creating a slightly off center, low disheveled bun. Pin in place in random sections with lots of bobby pins. Spray messy sections with a medium hold hairspray.

Expert tip- Apply a little silicon serum to hands and gently pat down bangs to create a smooth, high gloss shine.

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