Brisbane's first Sephora has an opening date

And here are the must-have products on our beauty shopping list.

Sephora has finally confirmed when its first Brisbane store will be opening, and be still our beating wallets because it’s only a MONTH AWAY. We know. We can’t wait either.

The magic palace filled with dreams will roll out the red carpet for the city’s beauty lovers in April at Westfield Chermside as part of the centre’s mammoth makeover. It will be Sephora’s eighth Aussie store and let’s be honest, it can’t come soon enough.

To celebrate this most excellent news in the skincare realm, we’ve made a shopping list of all the products we will be filling our baskets with on opening day.

1. IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil

A brow pencil that suits EVERY eyebrow colour? Really? YES really. We’ve tried this on blondes and on dark brunettes and every single time it’s blended in effortlessly. We don’t know how this magic works either, but it does.

And here are the must-have products on our beauty shopping list.

2. Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop

The blogging world has been alight (pun intended) with this amazing highlighter. It’s a collaboration between beauty maven Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics. The formula looks really gold toned, but actually sweeps on with a more neutral shimmer with a warm glow #nofilter.

3. Caudalie Divine Oil

Ditch the moisturisers, because body oils are all the rage now. (Maybe don’t ditch your moisturiser, it’s still awesome.) Use it on your body, face, or hair... on damp skin or dry... anything. It’s a multipurpose bringer of hydrated goodness.

4. Zoeva Brush Set

Did someone day Insta-worthy makeup brush sets? These luxe brushes work like a dream, won’t break the bank and come in a variety of photographably gorgeous colours like black and silver, or rose gold and peach. They even come in their own leather look pouch if you buy a set.

And here are the must-have products on our beauty shopping list.

5. Nudestix Sculpting Pencil

Contouring has never been simpler with this Nudestix one-pencil revolution. The whole brand is geared towards creating a natural look with ease using beauty pencils, and what’s easier than literally drawing lines on your face then smudging them?

6. Sephora Collection Face Masks

Sheet masks might make you look like something out of a horror movie while you wear them, but damn they make your skin look good after. Sephora has an entire line of paper masky goodness, each one dedicated to a different skin effect. Best part? $6 baby! Chump change.

And here are the must-have products on our beauty shopping list.

7. Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder

Like the advertising says, this is not your grandma’s loose powder. It’s one of the lightest weight setting powders on the market and it locks down your makeup tight. Not only that, but it creates a smoothing and blurring effect, virtually eliminating your pores. It’s like a Photoshop airbrushing tool but in real life.

8. Alpha H Liquid Gold

If you haven’t got on the chemical exfoliant train yet, then you need to, stat. It’s the lazy girl’s way of getting rid of all those dead skin cells. Liquid Gold has its name for a reason: it’s one product, but can firm, brighten, tighten, and diminish the appearance of pigmentation, scarring and age spots in your skin. It’s all your skin prayers answered in one handy solution. Plus, for what it does, it’s SUPER cost effective.

9. Mark Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Colour Corrector

Holy velvety formula, batman. We are DESPERATE to get our hands on some of these babies because they glide on so smooth, and colour correct like nobody’s business. Choose from brightening, anti-redness or neutralising formulas, or just keep it bright with a highlighting stick. Super luxe, but oh so worth it.

10. Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders Set

One of the best things about Sephora is that you can buy minis of all the good stuff so you can test it out before committing. No more spending a billion dollars on a product only to realise it’s full of empty promises and broken dreams. This set is brilliant because it’s a serum, night treatment and moisturiser in one, so you can give the entire routine a spin. But trust me, when you feel how baby-bottom smooth, and bright this stuff makes your skin, you’ll want to buy full-size everything even if it means living on two-minute noodles for the next week.

* Stay tuned because on the 6th of April, 2017, Westfield Chermside is opening its first drop of new stores as part of its official relaunch! 54 fashion, home and lifestyle retailers, including ZARA, H&M and Sephora will grace the centre, as well as additional restaurants launching during the second stage of the opening in June. If you need us come April, you’ll know where to find us!


Elizabeth Best is a beauty expert and writer with more than a decade of experience working for some of Australia’s most prolific media outlets. She enjoys long romantic walks along the makeup aisle, and fully expects for her profound love of travel and food to bankrupt her one day. You can follow her never-ending obsession with food and makeup on Instagram.