Brisbane's best brow & lash specialists you have to try

It is said that your eyes are the windows to your soul... 

Beautiful brown eyes and brows

It is understandable then that impeccably shaped brows and luscious lashes are so highly coveted! 

With modern enhancements in the beauty industry, you no longer have to rock what you were born with. From eyebrow artistry and feather touch tattooing, to eyelash lifts and extensions, there is a treatment to match your beauty concern.

Fashion Weekly has discovered six of Brisbane’s best beauty boutiques that specialise in perfecting eyebrows and eyelashes.

Brow Mantra

Brow Mantra Salon

Brow Mantra before and after shots

Owner of Brow Mantra, Nikki Randhawa believes well-shaped eyebrows have the power to completely transform your look by lifting and framing your face. After working in the beauty industry for twenty years, Nikki discovered her passion for perfecting eyebrows, and her niche for feather touch tattooing.

At Brow Mantra, the art of eyebrow shaping comes down to eight steps; a personalised one-on-one consultation, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming, tinting, a soothing after-wax gel and brow makeup application.

Along with eyebrow shaping, Brow Mantra offers a range of beauty treatments including eyelash services like tinting, lash extensions and the revolutionary Volume Lashes – a dramatic fibre lash extension service – as well as cosmetic tattooing which can enhance your eyebrows, lips and eyes.

For more information or to book your treatment visit or contact 07 3397 6111.

Location: 2/380 Logan Road, Stones Corner, Greenslopes, QLD, 4120

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Brow Zing

Brow Zing before and after shots

Do your eyebrows have a mind of their own? Don’t fret! Perfecting troublesome brows is an obsession for the team at Brow-Zing.

Brow-Zing owner, Helen Harper and her team openly admit that eyebrows and lashes are their world and they are infatuated with creating your ideal brow shape and giving you beautiful lashes.

Coming up to ten years in business, Brow-Zing was one of Australia’s first studios solely devoted to the art of Eyebrow Sculpting. Helen has spent over 18 years perfecting her technique, seeking out new and improved ways to shape and sculpt eyebrows.

The team at Brow-Zing focus on delivering full, perfectly defined brows that accentuate your eyes and frame your face. The Hawthorne studio with its gorgeous, homely interior will have you feeling at ease and comfortable as soon as you step through the bright pink door, ready to be pampered!

Using the latest techniques and technology, Helen and her team are confident they can perfect even the most unruly and unrepentant brows.

For more information or to book your treatment visit or contact 07 3899 4222.

Location: 2/134 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne, QLD, 4171

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I Boutique

I Boutique salons

I Boutique before and after shots

Have you always dreamt of having bold eyebrows that rivals Cara Delevingne's? With feather touch tattooing, you can have amazing brows regardless of your natural shape.

I Boutique is a Brisbane beauty salon specialising in perfecting cosmetic tattoo artistry for eyebrows, lips and eyeliners. Feather Touch brows is their hero beauty treatment which enhances your brow shape by creating semi-permanent tattoo strokes.

The appointment starts with a consultation, after which your technician will measure your brows and draw on the shape you’ve discussed to ensure you will be happy with the results. A microblade is used to create hair like strokes which is filled with micropigment.

I Boutique DirectorBree Cowen has been specialising in brow shaping for over ten years and has treated influential digital personalities Michelle McNamee, Karren Jade, Shani Grimmond and Chloe Szepanowski as well as Sabo Skirt designers Thessy and Yiota Kouzoukas to name a few.

For more information or to book your treatment visit or contact 0413 407 232.

Location: 11 Dutton Street, Hawthorne, QLD, 4171

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LashXtend & Beauty

Lash Xtend and beauty salon

Lash Xtend and beauty before and after

Long and luscious lashes can have you feeling instantly glam! But we all know the process of applying falsies can be, quite literally, a painstaking chore.

We are excited to have found the answer to all your lash worries; a hidden gem in the heart of Ascot, as well as a treat for you - our beautiful readers - that you simply won't be able to resist!

Founded by Amy Stamford, LashXtend specialises in eyelash extensions and eyebrow sculptures and also offer the essential beauty services to ensure you are totally beautified - including facials, waxing, tinting and microdermabrasion.

The team at LashXtend have one goal - to make sure you are feeling happy and absolutely fabulous inside and out.

Which is why LashXtend is offering Fashion Weekly readers an exclusive deal including a full set of 100% silk eyelash extensions and an eyebrow sculpt to shape and tint your brows for only $99 (usually $150)!

To take advantage of this exclusive deal head to or contact 07 3630 2240 and mention the code: FASHIONWEEKLY.

Location: Shop 5, 160 Racecourse Road, Ascot, QLD, 4007

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The Brow Specialist

The Brow Specialist

The Brow Specialist before and after

When a passion and business collide, success is bound to happen! Rhina Yaqub has been working in the beauty industry for over 13 years and has developed a particular passion for eyebrow shaping, leading her to become ‘The Eyebrow Specialist’.

Spanning across two Brisbane locations, The Eyebrow Specialist is committed to giving you the beautiful yet natural looking brows you have always wanted.

Rhina highlights, “Our signature treatment is Eyebrow Artistry and Design. Whatever the natural shape, thickness or colour your eyebrows are currently, with the right attention and grooming... your eyebrows can be improved dramatically, giving you an instant facelift. I don’t see beautiful well shaped brows as a luxury, but rather an essential treatment to complete one’s overall look”.

Although specialising brows, The Eyebrow Specialist also offers eyelash lift- and tint services, facial treatments and waxing, as well as manicures and pedicures.

For more information or to book your treatment visit or contact 0404 793 746.

Location: 132 Morden Road, Sunnybank Hills, QLD, 4109 or Wellwood Health, 3918 Pacific Highway, Loganholme

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Visual Beauty

Visual Beauty Australia brows

Visual Beauty Australia brows before and after

Do you spend way too much time each morning trying to fill in your eyebrows only to end up with a shape that looks unnatural? Cosmetic Tattooing is the answer to saying “I woke up like this” every day and meaning it!

Katie Stevens, Director at Visual Beauty Australia specialises in cosmetic tattooing that enhances your natural features; including eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

Whether you desire brows with a more defined arch, a longer length or a fuller look, Visual Beauty Australia’s 3D Feathertouch Tattoo treatment can help you achieve your dream shape. The tattoo creates fine strokes that mimic eyebrow hair, for a completely natural looking finish.

Brows aren’t the only focus at Visual Beauty Australia; lip blend tattoos create a fuller pout while lash line enhancements and tattooed eyeliner define your eyes.

For more information or to book your treatment visit or contact 0447 663 357.

Location: 1566 Creek Rd, Carina, QLD, 4152

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Words: Frances van Eeden