Bridal Hair Trends 2014

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Responsible for grooming the locks of red carpet regulars such as Laura Dundovic and Gracie Otto, Dario Cotroneo knows what will make a woman look and feel beautiful.

The details for choosing the perfect hair style is priceless, so let Dario take you into his world and show you the four biggest bridal hair trends for 2014!

Bridal Hair Trends 2014: Crown Braiding

Inspired by Valentino Runway Shows, the Crown Braid will give any bride a youthful & modern look.

For DIY brides - here's how to get the look

Step 1: Part hair in the middle and spray volume powder spray around the crown area and blow-dry hair smooth while keeping lots of volume.

Step 2: Once hair is dry, spray medium hairspray onto hair and brush hair back from in front of the crown area while maintaining the middle part to give it a little 60's look. Then brush all hair into a low ponytail and secure with a elastic band. Then divide the ponytail into 2 sections.

With the 1st section of hair, twist and roll it under and secure with bobbie pins to create a small bun. Follow by braiding the 2nd section of hair and securing the ends with an elastic band.

Step 3: Then wrap this braided section of hair around towards the front in-between the forehead and crown and secure with bobbie pins. The trick here is not to open the bobbie pin and only push it into the braided hair then into the hair beneath the braid to secure (this will hide the bobbie pin) and wrap around the head to meet the ponytail. Then wrap the remaining hair around the bun and loosen hair around the edges. Finish with a make up brush and medium hairspray to secure style.

Bridal Hair Trends 2014

Bridal Hair Trends 2014: Hollywood Glam

Glamorous tumbling curls are a red carpet staple, so always a great asset for any bride. Get your stylist to use a styling tool such as MYCURL, which will guarantee perfectly formed curls, or for the DIY bride, they are easy to use yourself. Style hair with MYCURL and then either leave down or pin some of the curls back in a loose, windswept undo for an ethereal yet glamorous look.

Bridal Hair Trends 2014

Bridal Hair Trends 2014: Classic Chignon

Not necessarily only for brides into a vintage look - classic hair such as a chignon takes inspiration from the likes of style icons such as Audrey Hepburn. A 1950's inspired up do will work beautifully with a gorgeous headpiece or a comb or veil added to the back area. Keeping height at the back and neatly pinned into a chic bun looks amazing in photographs and the style won't age with time.

Bridal Hair Trends 2014

Hair By Dario Cotroneo for Harpers Bazaar. Photo by Simon Upton

Bridal Hair Trends 2014: Ponytails

Bridal Hair Trends 2014

The ponytail has definitely come back into the spotlight in fashion and bridal hair in the last few months - and the great thing about it is that you can go as simple or as elaborate as you like. A centre part with hair pulled back in a low ponytail truly allows your dress and makeup to shine. To up the glam factor, tie hair around the elastic to cover and make sure you ask your stylist to add volume powder and dry shampoo to your roots. Think ethereal, pretty and loose with curls or waves rather than a slick, restricting style to add a touch of romance to your overall bridal beauty.

The bridal hair trends for 2014 are simple, romantic and timeless. For more information on Dario Cotroneo visit