Beauty Wars: Which state leads in brow or contouring

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There's no denying that Australians are beauty addicts but you wouldn't have expected this... 

There's no denying that Australians are beauty addicts but you won't expect this...

Fashion Weekly has collaborated with our friends at Adore Beauty to pull data on Australia's beauty habits. As our Country's leading online shopping destination for beauty products and cosmetics they have some pretty impressive statistics to reveal.

Now, it shouldn't surprise you that Australian women are some of the most glamorous in the world. Why? Because we spend a whopping 370million a year on lotions, creams and serums! To say we're beauty obsessed is an understatement.

From beauty scrubbers to contouring queens our Country happens to be a little fanatical. We're not going to lie, when these statistics hit our inboxes we didn't' expect Tasmania to be the curling divas or Western Australia to dominate in the brow arena. Curious to know more? Well read on to see each states favourite beauty trend.

Queensland: Beauty Scrubbers

Leading the way with a flawless base - Queenslanders are raving about face and body scrubs. If looking poolside ready isn't motivation enough, then the warm weather demands minimum makeup so these ladies are steering clear of dead skin cells ensuring their radiant skin looks fresh and fab all year long. 

New South Wales: Sun Smart

It might not sound like the sexiest of topics, but being sun smart is exactly that... SMART. NSW buys the most amount of SPF beauty products with their favourites being SPF moisturisers. They'll be glowing and protected meaning they're total sun smart babes.

Victoria: Contouring Capital

Many of us have tried contouring at least once with the popular trend growing dramatically over the last 24 months. But no matter how much we try, Victorians are currently paving the way with their defined cheek bones proving that they are the contour queens.

South Australia: Sexy Hair

Luscious locks and sassy hair flicks are flooding South Australia. They have bought the most designer hair products, especially shampoos and conditioners. They say your hair is your crown, South Australian's seem to live by this ethos.

Northern Territory: Cleansing

Dominating the clear skin game, NT has their cleansing routine down pat. Drinking up the nutrients and vibrantly radiating - they're showing us how much they look after their skin. 

Western Australia: All About The Brows

We all covet perfect brows. And so does WA who is leading the pack with the most amount of eyebrow products sold nationwide. Ahh, Cara Delevingne should watch out - there is some fierce competition in the room. 

Tasmania: Curling Quarter

Tasmania is reigning supreme with sexy curls and natural beach waves. Hair curling tongs have been the most popular products sold in this state. They have been able to nail the highly coveted tresses sported down the runway of a Victoria's Secret runway show. Totes jealous! 

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Stats courtesy of Adore Beauty.