Beauty trend revival: Bleaching body hair is back

Bleaching your body hair is back, here's what it is and how to do it!

Bleaching your body hair is back, here what is it and how to do it

In the modern day we are blessed with a variety of options when it comes to dealing with body hair.

From shaving, waxing and removal creams to more permanent laser treatments, there are a number of ways to get rid of those fuzzy hairs. However the latter all have a shortcoming – whether it be pain, cost or the hair growing back.

This is why we’re introducing you to a beauty trend which is making a revival – bleaching. While bleaching your body hair is not a recent invention, in fact it is widely popular in South American countries where the 'peachy fuzz' (or golden veil) is considered sexy; it is not as commonly discussed as say, waxing.

So what is it?

Basically, this is just lightening your body hair and making it appear more golden and less visible, however this treatment won’t remove your hair.

Who can do it?

This treatment works best if you ahve darker hair and on spots where you have fine hair, like your arms or on your tummy.

There are a number of at-home kits available which shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes.

What are the advantages?

Lightening your body hair is an affordable and fast DIY beauty treatment (done from the comfort of your own home) in which, unlike hair removal methods, the hair doesn’t leave the follicle which means no stubbly regrowth. Plus some believe with a beautiful tan, golden body hair looks sexy!

What are the disadvantages?

While the appearance of the hair changes and it is less visible there is in reality just as much hair as before the treatment – meaning no hair-free smooth skin. Be aware that bleaching your body hair can also temporarily lighten your skin tone. Finally it is always a good idea to conduct a patch test to ensure to your skin doesn’t react to the formula.


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Words: Frances van Eeden