Amber Walker talks body image and how to achieve a sexy soul

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Over dinner the night before New Year's Eve, a girlfriend of mine explained her fitspo plans for 2016. It was a difficult conversation for me to be apart of as I had to control myself not to blurt out exactly what I was thinking.

She often praised the athletically perfect models and aspired to create an aesthetic that resembled their ways.

But that's the problem with social media. It's an unrealistic platform that paints distorted and plastic versions of people's lives.

I recently had a chat with Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist, Amber Walker about her views on the influence faking-it-fit really has on today's modern society.

"I've always been very fit and active," said Walker. "I was a bit of a science nerd, (she laughs) I've always loved health and fitness and as I've grown up I noticed the importance of it," said Walker.

Though she has chosen a life that focuses on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, the journey has come with its challenges.


"In my late teens and and early twenties I suffered from severe depression. I'd lost a couple of friends early on in life."

By the the time she was 22, Walker had been hopsitalised four times. Deemed beyond help by many medical experts, she used her Personal Trainer background and knowledge to seek out alternative ways to get through the days.

With a complete lifestyle overhaul that focused on nourishing foods and physical movement, Walker transformed her health and began to see a brighter future for herself, one of helping others.

"I discovered that I needed to look after myself in all facets, not just nutrition and exercise.

"You need to take time to find what makes your soul happy. We live in a society where that is not encouraged. We're encouraged to do other things that are materialistic and measurable. Sometimes it's about giving yourself 10 minutes where you can just think."

With her knowledge and dedication to positively influencing our society, Walker has created an online wellness program called 60 Days To A Sexy Soul.

When asked about the inspiration behind the name she said, "I wanted to combine wellness as something that is desirable. Who doesn't want a sexy soul?"

Amber Walker takes a complete holistic approach to her coaching, looking at a persons health and wellness from the combined physical, mental, emotional and spiritual view so as to treat the whole person.

"I don't tell my clients what to do. It's all about educating them about what they should be doing ... I'm empowering them."


Sadly, many young women are being negatively impacted as our society puts aspirations on being visually pleasing rather than praising or celebrating one's talents, personality and internal beauty.

"There are some great fitspo accounts out there but there are also more accounts out there who have the right lighting and the right angle. They take the photo, go away and then ... get those hideous apps that can enhance features and not just put a filter on it.

"You can make your boobs and butt bigger and make your tummy smaller and do all that sort of stuff and then they post them. They are unrealistic. These [images] are about looking fit but not feeling fit."

In a world where we are obsessed with double tapping the latest superfoods, colourful smoothies and yoga poses in our feeds, maybe it's time to find another form of inspiration?

“Only when you start looking at your health from a holistic 360 degree view, understanding how all these elements are intertwined, will you begin to see and feel really dramatic life changing results.”

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