Booty contouring is the most ridiculous trend ever

Contouring, the biggest beauty innovation in as long as we can remember. It helps to highlight and define (and hopefully somehow transform us into a Kardashian - here's to dreaming!) What's not to love?

Booty contouring trend for 2016 | Women in black bikini at the beach with a perfect blue sky.

It started off on our cheek bones, and then slowly began taking over our entire faces before popping up almost everywhere from our cleavage, all the way to down to our abs. The newest development – butts.

Yes you heard us right, girls are now legitimately putting make-up on their booty, and we really don't know how to feel about this.

'Live Glam', an online make-up academy, shared a video on their Instagram demonstrating this new 'technique' and was immediately flooded with responses. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

If you ask us, this may be one of the most pointless trends to date. I mean, unless the make-up is waterproof (which we highly doubt), it will run the second it touches water (so there goes the option of showing it off on the beach), and the only other place you'd even see it (we hope), is the bedroom – and you definitely don't want to be leaving brown smudges between the sheets!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis