A guide to sculpting, shaping & perfecting your brows

Are you coveting perfect eyebrows? This guide covers everything from finding the perfect shape to instructing how you should fill in and maintain your brows.

The secret to perfect eyebrows like Cara Delevigne

“I make brow contact before I make eye contact.” – Anonymous

The trend beauty fanatics across the globe just cannot get enough of; bold brows! Natural, big and bushy brows are everywhere right now and never before have perfect brows been this highly coveted.

We chatted with PONi COSMETICS founder, Evette Hess for her expert opinion on all things eyebrows and collated a guide which will help you finally achieve perfected brows.

Shaping your eyebrows

For the most flattering eyebrow shape, stick to what you were born with!

Too many women try and change their eyebrow shape rather than enhancing and perfecting the shape they already have. Hess says not to try and change your natural brow, “If you have straight eyebrows and try to wax an arch into it, you will lose quite a lot of the thickness of the hair”.

Growing out your eyebrows

If you are trying to grow out your eyebrows, it is best to leave the shaping to the professionals. These are Brisbane's best brow & lash specialists you have to try.

Hess recommends seeing an eyebrow sculptor who can teach you about your natural shape and advise you on how to best maintain your brows. Don’t tweeze stray hairs at all; embrace growing out random hair as these will help achieve a better shape.

TOP TIP: Apply the PONi COSMETICS Lash & Brow Growth Serum through your brows and desired areas of growth daily to assist in the process of growing out your eyebrows.

How to grow your eyebrows using PONi COSMETICS Lash & Brow Growth Serum

Waxing, tweezing or threading

There are a variety of hair removal methods suitable for sculpting your eyebrows - from waxing, to threading to tweezing – so which method is the best?

Hess agrees that finding the best hair removal method for you is all about personal preference but prefers hot wax as it is the most gentle on the skin and not painful.

Filling in your eyebrows

There are so many products on the market for filling in your brows that it can become overwhelming! According to Hess, it's important to have a selection of brow products within your beauty kit so you can create (without fail) a major brow moment every single time! 

For a natural, everyday-wear brow, opt for a brow pencil or crayon that can be used quickly to shape and darken your eyebrows. The PONi COSMETICS Brow Magic has a 1.5mm tip so that you can create thin strokes which mimic your brow hairs.

If you have a meeting or an event and your makeup is more dramatic, then it's best to use a powder or a cream option for filling your eyebrows. Hess recommends using a firm angled brush so that you get a neat line with your powder or cream. For a bold and dramatic brow with sharp edges, line your eyebrows with the Brow Magic then just fill it in with powder.

PONi COSMETICS beauty products to use for filling in your eyebrows

TOP TIP: To achieve a bold yet natural looking brow and avoid that blocky-look at the front of your eyebrows, Hess suggests you start your application about a quarter of the way into your brows.

Once you get your powder on the brush, don't aim for the front of your eyebrow, the majority of your product should sit about half way through to the tail. Use the leftover product on the brush to fill the beginning of your brow.

If you feel like you have gone overboard with your product, use the spoolie end of your eyebrow brush and brush the hairs up and outwards. Tidy the look up with concealer around the brow to sharpen up the edges again.

The eyebrow shape of the season

So big brows are trending right? WRONG! After we spoke with PONi COSMETICS founder, Evette Hess we have uncovered that the demand for thicker brows is not a fad. Hess makes a point that society is simply now more educated in brows and has seen firsthand that over plucked eyebrows will turn into no brows as we age and the natural hair thinning process kicks in.

Ladies, finally the secret to perfect brows has been revealed, and according to PONi COSMETICS founder Evette Hess it is all about embracing and enhancing your natural features!

Words: Frances van Eeden