A guide to clear skin for summer with Holistic Skin Expert Fiona Tuck


Fiona Tuck is a holistic skin expert and the Managing Director of Skinstitut Australia. Passionate about dispelling the myths in the health and beauty industry, Tuck writes a weekly blog that promotes a holistic approach to skincare. The Myth Minx offers simple and easy-to-follow advice that will have women looking and feeling better on the inside and out. Tuck shares her knowledge from over 25 years’ experience in the skincare industry on how you can get clear skin for summer.

No matter how many layers of foundation we apply, our skin looks bumpy and uneven, how can we improve this?
FT: Uneven bumps on the skin are a sign of overuse of... skin clogging makeup. Some makeup [products] can cause a skin condition called acne cosmetic, [causing] tiny bumps on the skin due to skin clogging ingredients. Keep heavy makeup for evenings or special events and choose a lightweight mineral makeup [for everyday] which will avoid congestion forming in the skin. Regular exfoliation with a hydroxy acid based scrub, such as the Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%, will help to remove any pre-existing congestion.

If we have a hot date coming up and suddenly feel a massive crater of a pimple form under the skin, what can we do to get rid of it quickly?
FT: Avoid feeding the monster with oil based products such as face oils [and] heavy makeup ... use calming, anti-inflammatory spot treatment products. A quick home treatment that works a treat is to apply Manuka honey to the inflamed lesion and leave overnight.

If we want to wear a light coverage foundation in summer, but we are feeling self-conscious about dark patches of skin, how can it be improved?
FT: Dark patches of skin can be caused by hormones, a diet high in sugar and low in antioxidants, and exposure to ultra violet light. Eat a wholefood diet devoid of junk food with plenty of fruits and vegetables and be sure to wear an SPF 50 every day... to prevent more dark areas from appearing. Ingredients such as vitamin C, daisy flower extract and vitamin B3 can help to reduce uneven skin pigment which will give you back a smooth even skin clear skin.

Blackheads are a problem many women struggle with and no matter how much we scrub at it, they often won’t go away! What else can we do to remove these?
FT: A series of professional skin treatments, such as microdermabrasion, will help to exfoliate the skin and keep blackheads at bay. Blackheads can be quite easily removed by a professional skin therapist but it usually takes a couple of treatments depending on how many blackheads are already present.

During summer, our face tends to get really oily. What should we do daily to avoid this leading to breakouts?
FT: In summer we need to switch our skincare regime to more lightweight products. Our skin needs less oil based products... so look at using antioxidant hydrating sprays like the Skinstitut Multi Active Mist, instead of heavy moisturisers. Avoid bronzing powders and mineral oil based SPF’s which can aggravate breakout prone skin.

Fiona Tuck worked closely with Australia’s leading cosmetic pharmacists to create Skinstitut, Australia’s most cost effective and active cosmedical skincare range. Tuck believes that quality skincare should be accessible to everyone, and in a holistic approach to skincare focusing on lifestyle and nutrition as essential to healthy looking skin!

Words: Frances van Eeden