A Closer Look at BROW TRENDS

In the 30's, they decided a high arch that was thin and dark was best. This led to everyone looking permanently surprised! The 60's saw everyone shaving them completely, penciling them in and regretting that decision to this day. You can always tell a 60's brow!

With this years exciting fashion spectaculars occurring in Australia shortly, I decided to have a look abroad and view what the models on the catwalks were sporting last year, already this year and find out what we can expect to see in Australia.

In 2012, we saw bold brows, and coloured and bejeweled brows a statement and we also saw the return of the bleached brow.

The brow was the statement piece in the makeup and everything else took second place. When looking at a brow so defined, it becomes the only thing you see on the face.

Could you rock a 2012 brow?


Already on the catwalks in 2013, we are seeing these statement brows toned down. Hooray, I say!
The photos above, demonstrate a more natural brow, one that allows the eyes to become more expressive. Taken at New York Fashion Week 2013 they demonstrate how the brow doesn't have to be the focus to make a statement.

After 22 years in the hair and beauty industry, my belief is trends as you can see, come and go. Just like clothes, the latest trends in eyebrows don't last and for most of us following the trend doesn't always work.

I believe, the "trend" for now (and the future) is looking at your natural brow shape and accentuating or minimising the shape to suit you, taking into account your body structure, facial structure, hair type, eye and face shape.

I predict we will see more of these natural accentuated brows on the catwalks in Australia this year and I for one will be excited!

Photographs: Vogue & Vogue/ Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images/ BellaSugar